Monster seeks uni

Friend of mine is quite large - walks around at roughly 320#, makes
weight at 308# for powerlifting comps.

He said, when he saw me doing this, Hey, I can do that, and proceeded to
freemount, ride smoothly, hop down a fairly steep curb-

Taco my wheel, break my left crank.

He owes me one. He says that as long as he’s buying me new parts, maybe
he’ll get one for himself, too; or maybe buy me a new one sturdy enough
for him to borrow once in a while.

So what should he get?

have him buy you a Torker DX. it’s a fairly priced unicycle with strong ehougn cranks and wheel to last him through that drop… I think.

Tell him if he wants to ride it he has to run and catch you riding it. And give yourself a good 200yd headstart, so he’ll have to run and lose wight before he can ride.

if he wants one for himself, a profile hub is probably manditory at that weight.

If he plans to do a lot of curbs or hopping, definitely a splined axle. He’s strong, so weight should not be an issue. Get a burly one.

I’d say at that size, if he wants one, he can take whatever he wants.


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You might also go for an all steel 2004 model KH24. The 2005 models are aluminum, meaning they’re lighter, but don’t handle bending nearly as well. If your friend bends a steel uni without damaging the wheel, he can just bend it back into the right shape.

You could also build a custom strong and large unicycle, something like a Surly Large Marge rim in 26 or 24 inch, and a custom frame, maybe even one of the titanium frames if you’re rich enough. If you go that route I’d suggest DT Swiss spokes, they seem to be the strongest, and a Profile hub and cranks.

On the other hand, the 2005 aluminum KH models might be okay for 145 kilos.