I have just been sent a couple of really interesting links.

Here is a history of the monocycle:

Here is a link for the red max:


When are you going to start selling these?

I’ll be the first buyer!

Some of those look lethal!

Thanks for sharing Roger, an interesting read.

Have you checked out Red Max’s other pages? He does Lawn mower racing as well! cool sport, very British! :slight_smile:


Nice article, it misses Walter Nilsson’s efforts in 1936 which can be seen here:


You say. Or, well, Kerry McLean did survive this crash. If you want to skip “just riding”, jump to 2:50.

Here’s one place to buy them.

Any riders here?

I’ve since had a ride of a pedal powered one. Pedaling is quite easy, doesn’t take much to get used to the seat/pedals moving inside the wheel.

Steering is the part I found hard, Having a lot of wheel weight above your head you have to be very careful on how much you lean in, If you lean too much you cannot straighten the wheel up again as it is too heavy to bring back up.

do you know who sells pedal powered ones?

I wonder if one could combine the idea of a monocycle with the two-wheel functionality of the Uno electric unicycle? Have the 5-ft wheels side by side, connected by electrics or hydraulics that move the wheels closer or further apart. At a stand-still, the DuoCycle’s wheels are apart for stability. As speed increases, a CVT of sorts would pull the wheels together to create a monocycle-like ride, but with a bit more stability. Or separate drive motors for the two wheels, one rotating a bit faster to create “turnability”. Or have a permanent short distance link between the tires at the 10 and 2 positions, while an adjustable link at the 6 pulls the bottom of the tires together as speed increases.

Not sure, the guy had it imported from china.

Sorry to double post but I thought that I should add I am about 6’ and had to remove my helmet to ride comortably and it was still a tight fit.

Yes, those Chinese monocycles are definitely geared toward smaller folks. like kids. I was cramped in the thing, and my knees were hitting my arms (I think that’s what was happening) when I pedaled. I didn’t have enough time with it to master the thing…

In the future, monocycles will be a viable option, even for tall people.

Viable for what? Seriously, that’s a fun and expensive toy, but being top heavy and sitting down low, lacking suspension, and being unstable, I’m pretty sure it will have limited practical applications.

As it is, unicycles are hardly practical but at least they are functional and more or less safe. Not one of those videos suggested safety or stability, esp in traffic if you need to make a sudden direction change or braking action.

Falling over into a shrub, that’s precious :smiley:

(addressed in general):
I realize that even I become annoyed for this event. It’s like a UPD. Everybody is imperfect, some like to focus over and over again on this. It seems easier than seeing on the amazing craftmanship.

Is it really?
To be honest I don’t believe they ever sold one single monowheel.