monkey riding a unicycle?

WOW. Ive watched this a couple of times and im quite sure its not fake, just look at the monkeys face, theres no way people can make a face look that real. That is a real eye opene :astonished: If it is an a midget in a monkey costume i will be quite surprised.

It was only uploaded on June 23 this year and im pretty sure no one has posted it yet.

[THREAD=44824]This[/THREAD] thread comes close.

hey cool a monkey riding a unicycle !!

it looks real

thats gotta be real. no way thats a midget in a monkey costume.

supper impressive! i wonder what motivated the monkey to learn to ride, let alone ride backwards?

reminds me of that joke…

“how do you teach a bear to ride a bicycle/unicycle?”

nail its feet to the pedals and beat it with a stick :roll_eyes:

Re: monkey riding a unicycle?

I have a video somewhere of a chimpanzee riding forward. It was
mentioned a couple of years ago on this forum, I don’t remember the
link. Riding backwards is new to me.

I’m worried whether the chimpanzee had fun during practicing though.

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“I’m slowly but surely stealing Wales and bringing it back to my house on the wheel, frame and cranks of my muni. - phil”

that has got to be one of the coolest monkeys on earth! it can ride backwards, how cool!

next it can learn to wheel walk :smiley:

I think for the moneky to be able to ride, it would have to have some enjoyment for what it was doing otherwise it would get too frustrated and give up.

it would be so cool if that monkey became one of the best riders in the world!

it would also be extremely wierd and screw with a lot of sciencetists minds!

It’s not a monkey by the way it’s an ape.

It’s real look at the feet.

But why would it blow scientists’ minds? Scientists have always beleived apes to be intelligent.

yes, but that smart! thats pretty amasing

Thanks for posting this, I’ve heard of a guy who apparently taught orangutangs to ride unicycles in the '60s or there abouts, have never ever seen footage before this though.

Can chimps teach other chimps how to ride?

How awesome could a primate get at trials?!

Re: monkey riding a unicycle?

“nickvb123” wrote in message …

Pah! That’s nothing. I’ve been riding for years. I can go backwards,
play hockey, do muni, SIF, and a whole bunch of other things that monkey
didn’t do in the video.


I bet he did; chimpanzees are curious creatures, and enjoy solving problems and puzzles. They probably get some of the same “wow, I’m riding!” feeling that humans do when we first manage to ride.

It just depends on how much beating was involved in the learning process. At the man standing there who is probably the trainer doesn’t have a whip or anything. There is a clip somewhere esle of monkey (yes, monkeys not chimps) riding little bicycles around a ring, but right in the middle is a trainer with a whip. Ewwwww!

I saw a chimpanzee ride a unicycle (giraffe) at the Detroit Zoo in the 1970s. It’s apparently been done in many times/places based on the apparent age of that old film. Also the son of unicycling-great Mel Hall was an orangutan trainer and taught one or more of them to ride, probably in the 70s as well. There’s a picture in an old issue of On One Wheel.

In most cases, in shows the whip is either there for looks, or for sound. In many circus acts you’ll see this. The sound of a cracking whip carries really far, so it kind of lights things up. But the animals don’t respond to the cracks, those are for “show.” Often in horse acts there is a second device the trainer uses, which basically taps on the animals to direct them, or is used in front of them as a lead.

I can’t picture using a whip to “train” anyone into a skill like unicycling, I just don’t think it would be effective. Though we did see a dog “trainer” beat on some dogs at a French castle we were touring last week. They had a kennel of hunting dogs, which appeared to be threatening one of the older dogs in there. Their “handler,” let’s call him, first yelled at them and then they were quiet for a few minutes, but then they started threatening the one dog again. He went in there, singled out one of the leaders and gave him a bunch of whacks on the back with a big wooden handle he was carrying. An Italian guy with a video camera went “Hey-hey-HEY!” Then there was this little conversation where the (French) dog handler apparently tried to tell the guy he couldn’t video, and the Italian guy said something probably to the effect of “I’m bigger than you and I don’t need a piece of wood.” Shocking.

Not wishing to dis the monkey’s mad skillz, but I’m thinking maybe the film has been reversed and the monkey is just unicycling forwards normally.

edit Do young people still say ‘dis’?

I just got shown up by a monkey…

:frowning: :frowning:

looks like he unicycles in spite of christ

he keeps making shoulder checks, i think he’s going backwards