Mondo 2006

Does anybody know for sure if the MONDO Festival is going to be the first weekend in February again in this coming year?


do you mean motorama

The website doesn’t have dates listed for it yet, but it’s usually in mid to late February. I hope it’s not the first weekend in February as I’ll miss it then.

I hope to be there.

i’m going to attempt to be there yet again

Mondo is scheduled for Feb 24-26, 2006.


I also hope to be there as well.


I’ll be there! This gathering is one of the winter unicycle highlights for me. I love it! My uni skill development takes leaps after watching and riding, and getting coaching from others there. I hope that several MUCsters will join us this year.


I’m planning on going. see ya there…

Joe in Iowa

When, what and where exactly is this festival?

When: Feb 24-26, 2006
What: A large juggling/unicycling festival in St Paul, MN
Where: Concordia University

The not-currently-updated webpage:

We typically have a full basketball court just for unicycling, and we play uni hockey on another shared court. Demonstrations, workshops, show, lots of gym space.

Connie Cotter
Mondo Crew

I’m there :slight_smile:

I’m not affiliated with Mondo at all but I made a video of the ISUUC/TRS Mondo 2005 experience (70meg/divx):

It’s a pretty good overview.

There are also pictures up

Alas, I’ve got to work!

I just found out that, after all, I will not be able to attend. I’m a history teacher and that is the weekend of the Tennessee regional history fair competition. The shcool that I teach at prides itself of winning these academic challenges. Thus, it is sort of like being a head football/basketball coach and having your team in the regional playoffs. Read: I’ve gotta go!

I encourage everybody that can to attend the MONDO festival! This is one of my favorite gatherings. It is a great place to take your uni club as there is always a wide variety of people to meet and tons to do.

Have fun (sniff, sniff),

That’s too bad Tommy, but don’t fret. You’ll still see all the best stuff!

Tommy - sure you cannot reschedule that school stuff? You’re going to be missing out on seeing some great unicycling!

The Mondo committee just convinced Ryan Atkins to attend Mondo and he’ll be giving workshops on Trials skills. Ryan will also do a demo on Saturday.
… maybe I’ll finally learn some Trials unicycling…

Who else is coming to Mondo?
Besides the MN unicyclists, I know the following people have booked tickets: Roger Davies, Nathan & Beau & Megumi, Brian MacKenzie
Anybody else?


Now that Ryan Atkins is going for sure, we will start to ramp up plans to expand the Trails setup. Mondo is in a huge field house so there is room to setup a decent Trails course. The idea is to have stuff for all abilities to ride on. There will be a few club Trails/MUni to play on.

As with previous years, there will be a big unicycle hockey setup. Last year I think I played about 10 hours of unicycle hockey and some others even played more well into midnight on Saturday. While there might be one small tournament, most teams are just created as people come and go.

If you can make it, it is a good weekend to unicycle (indoors) in Minnesota


Now I have bring 3 unicycles and a hockey stick!


Yep, I’m definatly in!
This sounds like it will be alot of fun. I can’t wait to ride trials on a dry surface for the first time in months!! jks, but i’ll see everyone there who’s planning on attending!

-Ryan Atkins

Count me in for sure! See everybody in a couple weeks.

Joe in Iowa