Mondo 2006

Hi, Its looking pretty likely that I’ll be over in Minneapolis for the weekend as I’ve convinced work of the merits of a transatlantic business trip for that weekend(which is very nice of them:-)) - I should be able to fit my freestyle unicycle in, but for playing hockey is it likely that someone will be able lend me a stick? as I think that might be more trick but I guess not impossible - I haven’t got my flight times yet but is there anyone out there who will be able to offer me advice on how to get places etc. once I arrive in minneapolis? And also in the spirit of being hopeless do I need to pre-register etc? Any help/advice would be very very very much appreciated

Cheers ( and hope to see you there)

There will for sure be extra hockey sticks. TCUC has a big bag full that they will be bringing. I’m sure Connie or someone else will answer your other questions.

Cheers Jamey,
Its good to know that there’ll be a few spare sticks around if I can’t figure out a way to bring my own - a few more details, the office I’m going to be visiting is in Eagan so hopefully that shouldn’t be too far away if I end up with a hotel in that area. So, if theres any more advice from anyone then I’m all ears


i should be coming. so should i bring my freestyle and trials (is there going to be a trials course)? what about my bc? What are some good hotels to stay at?

There is going to be a Trails setup, hopefully a course as well. With Ryan coming down we are trying to make sure it is as good as we can. The only problem is that the facility wants all wood brought in to have a piece of carpet/cloth between that and the ground. A big pain but not the end of the world.

As for the BC wheel, bring it if you can. If you can’t, TCUC has a club BC Beford wheel you can use.

i totally gotta get outta work for this.

UW-Lax Attending

We’ve got up to a dozen people from UW-La Crosse on our way up. We’ve got a few decent unicyclists and a few good jugglers. Looks super fun. A few of us have decided that this will be a major event in our lives. :wink:

I also must express my intense excitement (borderline arousal) for this event. As Nick (above) said, many of us from UW-La Crosse will be attending and it seems like everyone is extremely pumped.

Thanks to Connie from TCUC for the personal invitation. I can’t wait to meet so many fellow unicyclists.

I made my airline reservation. Now I have to ask my boss for the day off.

Tell her you’ll do all the house chores for a month!

Not that boss, the other boss.

Right, work have booked my flights so I get into Minneapolis St Paul at 1.00pm on the Friday so I reckon I should be able to find the convention building for Friday evening. Unless anyone has any other advice, I’m going to bring my freestyle uni and hopefully borrow a hockey stick from some kind and generous individual/club - reciprocal stick borrowing will be offered for anyone who turns up in the UK and needs one - looking forward to seeing you all on Friday



That is great you will be able to make it. I take it you are renting a car but if you need to be picked up, we can arrange something. As for hockey sticks, not a problem, TCUC has a whole bag full.


Work stinks!

Work stinks - especially when it gets in the way of what is really important!

I look forward all year to attending MONDO and this year I can’t go because of the Tennessee History Fair, drat! Just wait! When our school’s unicycle club gets fully revved-up they’ll be scheduling the History Fair around MONDO’s schedule!

I’m especially sorry that I will not get to attend the Atkins workshop. Iced-in today, I just finished watching the Atkins segment of Defect for about the 300th time.

Double-drat! I wish that I could go!


I wonder if Tommy is the first person ever to be upset about the Tennessee History Fair?

No need for a lift but thanks for the offer - work are generously providing me with a rental car so I’ll be able to get myself there - I look forward to browsing through the TCUC bag of hockey stick treasures. See you in a weeks time


do i need plastic pedals? and is there any rentable lockers or anything to put my crap. will the trials course be open for us? do i need an adult (im 15)?please tewll me fast so i can get my registration in. these probably wont be my last questions. dang its in 6 days ineed to get my $$$$ in sooooon!

anybody??? i need to know NOW! i need to register!

Pre registration has already happened… now, you can register at the door.

Lockers? I dunno, but it is a school gymnasium, so there might be lockers in the lockerroom if you bring your own lock. Though, we usually just throw our stuff (coat and such) on the side of the gym somewhere. Plastic pedals are needed, although, for the trials area, we may have somethig on the ground to protect the floor, so you might be able to use metal, but if you have a pair of plastic pedals, put those on. As for an adult, I think you’ll need a guardian, or someone to sign the release. Read the release for the answer.

I will be arriving at MSP about 1:00pm on Friday also. If I see you riding your unicycle through the airport terminal, I will wave. See you at Mondo!!