Moment cranks on a Koxx Hub

i put a pair of moment cranks on my koxx hub,more than likely i ruined the spindle but i like how they feel.The only thing that i would complain about is a little bit of frame movement from side to side . The movement isnt very much its less than 1cm but i can feel it every now and then. Im too scared to take off the cranks to see what the damage is and im not going to take them off for a while either.
I went to a skatepark the other day and did alot of grinding on rails and blocks and my biggest drop was maybe five feet. Pedal grabs were easier and so far the whole set up is holding up great! Im going to Florida in a few days and im gonna do some riding there so ill give a report in a few weeks when i get back home unless something happens.
If you were at NAUCC in the sleep in hotel a few hours after the street comp you might have seen me and my dad switching out cranks in the lobby of the hotel.
i dont have any pictures because im on vacation and dont have anything to load a picture up with…

be interesting to see just how much damage is done to the crank after you remove it

i said i put the cranks on after the street comp, i take that back sorry about that. I put them on the night before the trials and street day. But they held up great through the trials comp too.
The damage is what worries me the most because if it is too bad then i will need a new hub and crank set up wich means rebuilding a new wheel.

uhm frame movement? thats surely nothing to do with ur crankset? or do u mean cranks moving?

Plus 1cm of movement is ENORMOUS! do you mean 1mm? either way feeling it is quite bad i would have though.

if u get a koxx frame and u dont have a pair of spacers u can feel the frame move a little bit, thats the kind of movement i am talking about.
Its more like 1mm, but u cant see the movement hardly at all but sometimes when your riding you can feel the frame move from side to side.

well in that case i’m guessing that has nothing to do with ur crankset?

and i have a koxx frame without spacers and its fine, but u might have the newer ones which seem to have some problems…

no problems with the cranks…
i have the orange bud and i got it in may and at first everything seemed fine till after a big drop i noticed that the frame would move from side to side and it was missing a pair of spacers and after we put those in it was fine.
Also when the moments were switched over to the koxx hub we used the spacers off of the KH hub that seperate the bearing from the crank arm.

i guess maybe report the issue to koxx - i mean its their bearings and their frame nothing to do with the cranks so go complain.

Or make some new spacers or w/e.

Now what makes you think you’ve damaged the hub? Did they go on loose? Tight? If theres no play with the cranks then how would it have been ruined?

well see i never got to put them on because my dad installed them because he didnt want me to screw anything up.
So i grabbed my street cranks and went to put them on the KH spindle and only put them on about 1/4 of the way and you could feel how loose everything was. Its probably not far enough to tell much anything but thats what i think.

If my Dad did that, I would slap him.

How old are you? If you are at least 13, tell him to go watch TV or something.

Always do your own servicing on your equipment.

i would be more worried about the cranks than the hub. the hub axle is steel and the cranks are aluminium arent they?

The moments cranks are a little bit too big for the Koxx hub, aren’t they? So, can you just put some paper in the interface and live happily ever after?

Uniman_3, keep us posted. I wanna hear how it all works out for you. I’ve wanted to put on Moments on a Koxx hub for a long time, just because of cool colour combination.

Strip the paint off your koxx cranks (assuming they are the trials ones) and polish them. Tada! Same look. Both cranks are aluminum.

Im only 16 and take care of my uni by myself for the most part but my dad is a friggin genius if you ask alot of people. So i dont mind it when he helps me.

IM not too sure about the length but i think that the KH axle is longer than the K1 axle. The color combo on the orange bud looks like crap if you ask me but i like how the cranks feel.

can’t wait till you guys come down. I want you guys to meet jonny and Anna, there really cool. and ya the moments felt pretty solid at NAUCC.

Like so:

I think the koxx cranks are anodised

Well of course they would feel loose, ISIS splines are tapered so you need to have them all the way on to have a proper fit.

oh yeah, i never thought of that.
I went riding for like an hour and half today and my biggest drop was maybe 6feet and i did a few pedal grabs and the cranks feel fine to me. I did a little bit of grinding too and everything feels fine.