ISIS hubs and cranks

OK I review a number of threads regarding this and they all counterdict each other.

Are the KH Moment cranks not bike industry ISIS or are some ISIS hubs not actually ISIS?

I have a K1 ISIS hub which obviously works with K1 cranks but also works with TruVativ mountainbike ISIS cranks.

I have been unable to order K1 cranks and was told that KH cranks will not work. True story? Is there another manufacturer more available in the US or should I just stick with the mountainbike cranks? (they actually look kinda cool with the small chainring on)

K1 ISIS is different for some reason, and is not true ISIS. However all other ISIS hub and crank sets should fit together fine.

Not true. My TruVativ mountainbike ISIS cranks work fine with the Koxx hub.

Sounds like this topic needs further feedback. It’s possible there was a production run (or runs) of Koxx parts that was off from the ISIS spec, and that they’ve corrected this. Or not. Which were the non-standard parts, the axles, the cranks or both? And is the same true with currently available models?

Maybe someone from K1 can speak up on this as well. It can be frustrating to buy parts that don’t fit together when they should; like the many slight variations on 36" rims and tires. Most seem to work fine, but a few were a little bit off…

From the last I read about all this ISIS, KH has always been within specs of ISIS as with all the other ISIS products, except, models of Koxx.

It seemed like older models of Koxx unicycles were not in spec with ISIS, but over time, Koxx has changed, cause now, quite a few people have been able to put Koxx ISIS on KH/Nimbus ISIS.

Its still not certain though, and you could still end up with a new Koxx set of cranks, and they wont fit on any other ISIS hub.

i’ve put Onza Tensiles on my k1 hub

What ive summed up from people is that K1 dont fit with any other hubs or cranks lol. Id love a KH20 with some koxx parts :stuck_out_tongue:

How new is your unicycle?

got it end of june of 2007

So almost a year old. I wonder if any Koxx unis made after yours\ was made will fit ISIS cranks too. Im hopping they do.

i’ve seen other people post saying they have put KH cranks on a k1 hub

That makes since, but do you know what year the K1 hub is from?

We need the dealers of Koxx or someone who can get each model of the hub, and the someone else to bring in the KH and test all the KH ISIS (cause its right) on all the Koxx models and see which models it works on and which ones it doesnt. That would be nice.

right around the same time as mine. ill try and find the post

EDIT: Here we go

You could try emailing

Ask them if they have any new Koxx ISIS stuff that will fit KH. It would make a lot of sense for them to change because Quax , Nimbus and KH seem to be in step on this. Odd about Onza.

It must be super irritating to UDC and Renegade to have returns from annoyed buyers.

For the record, KH does not comply with industry ISIS specs. I have now used TruVativ, FSA, Race Face and obviously K1 ISIS cranks on a Koxx hub with no problems. My KH hub on the other hand only seems to take KH cranks.

In this and other threads Koxx seems to be labeled as the out of spec manufacturer - I just felt it fair to note that KH’s use of 42mm bearings and out of spec ISIS cranks and hubs seems to be the one bucking the “industry standard” that would make all our lives a little easier.

Hmm, my KH hub takes Echo cranks and TruVativ just fine, I"ll have to see about Raceface. God I love working in a bike shop…

You seem to be alone in your experience. There have been a number of people to use non-KH ISIS cranks with the KH hub and yours is the first report of any compatibility issues.

It’s possible that you got a slightly out of spec hub.

Not in my experience. I’ve used both ECHO and ZOO! cranks on my KH ISIS hubs with zero issues.

It’s possible that both are somewhat out of spec. Certainly the experiences I’ve seen with putting the KH Moment cranks on the KH splined hub indicate a problem with tolerances; either the hub is too big or the cranks are too small.

I think the problem is the ISIS norm itself… it has way too much clearence what you can call ISIS.

So if you tell someone to build an ISIS hub and some other guy to build some ISIS cranks and one is at the lower end of the spec and one at the top… they wont fit.

The problem with non fitting ISIS could happen with EVERY hub and crank.