Moment cranks on a Koxx Hub

Not to be an ass, but should it be hard to get kh cranks on a kh hub? I tried and it wouldn’t go and I did not want to force the shit out of it and ruin em…

kind of they go on so far and then u can either hit them with something (hands,rubber hammers,etc) and tighten them in with the axle bolt.


Im confused. Does putting moment cranks on the koxx hub cause damage?

Nobody really knows yet.

If everyone stuck to the ISIS standards it wouldn’t but Koxx ISIS is a bit larger than the real(KH) ISIS. So what is father did was basically force a smaller crank onto a larger axle.

i was just talking to my dad and asking him if he thinks that the KH was smaller than the Koxx 1 and he thinks that they are exactly the same because, one when he put the crank on the axle he tapped it on there like you would for any other crank arm,
two because if the crank arm and the axle were more than a thousandth of an inch different then you would be forcing metal to change and that would mean that the cranks would not have gone on so easily.
If you ask me i think that they are either the same or have extremely close dimensions.

I think that you just screwed up your hub.

A pic would be helpful for everyone reading this topic, to see exactly how you put the crank on.

if it went in like any other crank does - assuming your dad has experience in putting isis cranks on - then i guess u either got lucky with ur moment hub/koxx cranks or just maybe it works on the newer koxx cranks / newer/older moment hubs

thats what im worried about too, im on vacation right now and im stayin at peoples houses and in hotels so i cant upload any pics right now…right after naucc we went to alabama and thats were i am right now. In a few days, im goin to be chilin with foforackard so i might be able to upload some pics at his house.

You should get an ISIS crank puller and take one of the cranks off to look at the axle and crank splined part so you can see if it is mashed up or not.

we got a crank puller, its just that if the axle is messed up then im out of a street uni for a while, and if its not then hooray but im too scared to take it off…

If you plan on leaving it on becuase you are scared of it being broken(menaing yer gonna keep riding it), than why do you even care if its mashed up. If you already damaged it than throw em back on anf finish the job. At least you would know if you sould be ordering replacment parts or not.

because no one has a review of throwing a pair of KH moments on a Koxx Axle…

All the more reason to want to look inside. If there is damage its already done. Id be more curious than you I suppose. I would have had that crank off after the first hour if I was under the impression there may or may be damage, think I would just have to know.

yeah i know wat u mean, but im not that curious, for the most part im just glad that im not hitting my ankle like i used to…

Dose ucd have isis crank pullers if not where can I get one.

I completely agree with you. I Would really like to see some pics of the hub without the. This is not a good product review if we don’t know what kind of damage it may cause.

As much as I really want to see what it looks like in there I think I can understand and respect why you don’t want to take it off.

Even if it was messed up what would stop you from putting them back on?