Modified Kris Holm Seat

School was cancelled today on account of heavy snow, so I finally go around to cutting down the foam on my Kris Holm seat. Basically, I removed the handle and bumper from the seat. Then I pryed out the staples holding the old cover on and peeled off the old cover. I cut the foam down with a bread knife, put on a Fusion cover, and reassembled the seat. I am really happy with how it turned out. The seat is much less bulky and better for seat out tricks. Just thought I would share.

Pictures of the seat are at:

Hah, it looks tarded now.

If it works better for what you want, sounds good.


Nice, thanks for the pics.


just wondering why you wanted to cut down your seat and how much snow did you guys get?

I wanted to cut down the seat because I found it bulky to hold when doing seat out hopping. With the thinner seat I get a better hold. Also, the seat is now much easier to pull out in front of me which makes doing seat drops and unispins much more smooth.
Unfortunately, we only got about 8’’ of snow before it turned to rain/slush. But hey, school was still canceled.

cool :smiley: anyways about the snow issue man if we had your pricipal up here school would be canceled like everyday :smiley: lol

that is the most reatarded thing I have ever seen but oh well lol if it works for you good job

That’s sweet, is it any less comfortable to sit on?

Alot of you are sayini Uni412 cutting down the foam on his seat is retarded. its the same concept as a miyata. He just made it easier to hold, and to fit his specific style. Im sure at least half of you guys who posted here have modified your uni to be a little more tailored to fit you personally. and if he wants to do it, I dont see why you tell him its retarded. to him it isnt.

Dylan, I actually don’t notice much of a difference in comfort. It’s probably because I don’t weigh much and haven’t been compressing the padding down a lot any way.

Thanks Doofe.

Is the padding very heavy? Can you reduce the weight of the seat significantly by halving it’s padding?


The padding is most likely very light…

i took about 3/4 of an inch off my kh and it feels jut as comfortable, but easier to hold.

Glad you liked it and it wasn’t just me!

I don’t do much freestyle or trials- but but I do prefer the cut down seat for MUni- gives you more maneuvaribility.

Andrew, you don’t save much weight- it’s just foam afterall, but it is noticeably sleeker and cooler looking.

Only slightly- but I took probably took off slightly more foam than I should have (cut in half). I didn’t cut it evenly either, so one of my seats is too thin in the region where the ischial tuberosities (the bony parts of the bottom) sit.

After a couple of cm’s of squish, the original seat can’t compress anymore anyway, so the rest of the foam thickness is just a waste of space.

I’ve heard many people mention this. But are you guys including when you hit bumps while riding? I think that’s when you get your money’s worth on the thicker padding.

But for higher performance riders, I can see where a thinner seat will be handy.

Calling something retarded when you either don’t understand it, or simply don’t agree with it, is not very mature. Befor the KH seats, no seats were that thick. So what’s so bad about a thinner seat?

My next thought would be to try to sculpt the foam to be more ergonomic. Leave it thick under the sit bones, but dig out a trough up the middle. I wonder how that would work. I used to do something similar with the extra padding I crammed into my Miyata seats.

Nice work! I like how sleek that modified KH looks.

I was wondering that myself. Has anyone tried this? I would try it myself, but I don’t have the tools or the extra parts.

Re: Modified Kris Holm Seat

On Sat, 8 Jan 2005 17:02:10 -0600, “GizmoDuck” wrote:

>After a couple of cm’s of squish, the original seat can’t compress
>anymore anyway, so the rest of the foam thickness is just a waste of

That conclusion (the rest of the foam thickness is just a waste of
space) makes me wonder if you assume that if the foam is partially
compressed, the top part of the foam is fully compressed and the rest
is not compressed at all.

IMHO that’s not what happens. All of the foam, from top to bottom,
compresses to the same amount.

If it were an open-cell foam, all of the squishiness comes from the
elasticity of the rubber/plastic material. Indeed, tthere would be
quite a hard limit to how far it would compress because then all the
‘pores’ were squished completely, the air having flown out. But even
in that case, it wouldn’t mean that some of the foam thickness is a
waste of space. If you take away some of the foam, the maximum
compression will be less.

And then again, I think the KH foam is a closed-cell foam, i.e. there
is a gas in the pores and the pores are closed so the gas cannot
escape. In closed foams, much of the squishiness of the foam comes
from the gas in the closed pores being compressed. Extreme conditions
aside, there is no hard limit to the compression of closed-cell foam.
Therefore, I don’t concur with “After a couple of cm’s of squish, the
original seat can’t compress anymore anyway”, it is not my impression
of how the seat behaves.

Disclaimer: I am not a foam expert, this is just my physical

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Hmmm…that wordy foam squishiness theory actually seems to make sense to me. Ok, so my squish logic might be flawed; but I still hold the opinion that the foam is too thick :roll_eyes: