moab pics

just got back…

pics are uploading here.

too tired to write more…


Wow. Looks like a lot of fun was had. Are those flames on your armour, and if so did you put them there? They’re very funky.


Looks like an awesome time for all those lucky enough to go. I’m looking forward to getting to Moab MUni Weekend one of these years.

:astonished: woa… that looks like alot of fun i want to go there!

I just got back. It was totally awsome, To many people showed up though. I barely had enough time to meet anybody. I’ll get all my Pics up someday.

Thanks for sharing, looks like it was a lot of fun. I’ll make it along on year. :slight_smile:


I’m uploading my few pictures right now. My two short vids will be up shortly after.

There are no words to describe how awesome MMF truely is.

Crud, no edit.

My pictures are up and the videos are being uploded as we speak.


MOAB MUNIFEST 2005 Pictures!!!

Notice how clean and sexy I keep my muni.

Cool! Where’d you go riding on Sunday? Anyone do Porcupine Rim?

Nope, We did the Amassa Back Trail, which is a 5mile up and down trail. Downhill was much more fun, because it was, well, downhill, vs up.

My quads still hurt.

Though I took more pics…

Feel free to add comments or ID riders.

Group Photo on the Slick Rock Practice Loop

Does anyone have a link to the group photo taken on the Slick Rock Practice loop?

I just checked out my own photos and they just jump right off the screen! Suddenly I’m back in Moab - I can’t believe I’m actually back at home. Why did I leave?

I am working on a gallery of the best shots and will post it soon. I guess I just wanted to get notified anytime someone else posts photos. Thanks for sharing so fast!

What a weekend.


PS Rolf, THANKS a million.

we have a bunch of pics, like 430 megs. We just got back a while ago, so I haven’t had time to even look at them yet. we’re doing that now.

I want a video of kris or whoever else did the crazy downhill bit on the side of a fin.

Hanging out pix!

Well I have some photos, and few little viddies!

The wierdest part is… not one riding shot! Hehe… You see, I took my video cam on the trail, so I only took photos during the dinners and the driving, etc. Enjoy some bizarre stuff!

Beware, one of the photos of Lars (from Denmark), might cause a heart attack!

Awesome weekend! Thank you everyone!



Re: Hanging out pix!

Funky! :astonished:
You should see Lars when he does his balloon routine.

More photos

We arrived around 3pm Friday afternoon, missing the main Friday ride, but in time to go ride a bit of the Poisen Spider trail. Saturday with a HUGE group, we did the Practice Loop and the Main Loop of the famous Slickrock Trail - perfect conditions too. Sunday we rode Amassa Back again, and also perfect conditions again. Monday, we drove back to Salt Lake City and flew home.

It was great to see many people from Denmark and even Tak from Japan - as well as people from all over the US and Canada. What a great weekend. I wish it could’ve been a week.

Here’s a link to 46 of the better photos we took:

I’ll attach a small version of the group shot as someone asked about it.

THANKS Rolf and Janeen for organizing and everyone else for coming and riding.



nice shots Jess

The photographer in our group should have pictures up sometime soon. I had a fantastic time–big thanks to the Thompsons for organizing the weekend and to everyone we ended up riding with. There were too many people there to meet everyone; but I really enjoyed hanging out with those we did!

Attached is a quick picture from our set. It was taken here on the Amassa Back trail:,-109.649026&spn=0.010096,0.014098&t=k&hl=en (notice the salt mine in the background).


Hello, this is Dan from Phoenix…

Thanks for an epic weekend everyone! :smiley:

Here are the photos Mandarin mentioned above:
Dan’s Moab MUni Fest Gallery


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