moab pics

Man those are some great pictures everyone! I think i could randomly pick just about any one of those pictures and want it as a poster on my wall.

Jess, whats going on with those people making faces? haha. I think you have a knack for making people smile… or be goofy for that matter.


Oh man it was so fun!my legs are still sore.

Heres the article from the denver post about it.They could have put in a lot cooler pics,but oh well.,1413,36~34423~2798562,00.html#

Here are my pics (three days of riding, one of hiking in Canyonlands):

Those have passed through the first round of throwing out images, but I will also make a “top 10” gallery once I’ve doctored up some of the best pictures.

MMF is the undisputed king of unicycle events. As always, outstanding riding, incredible scenery, and great companionship. Thanks to everyone I rode with; I only wish I could have ridden with more of you. Next year!

It was really cool to see the young girls riding! Irene was rippin it up as usual. And of course, the level of determination by everyone was immense. Wish I could have stayed for the whole thing.

Heres a link to the Denver Post edition, (different from above link) the reason why I post this, is for you all (if your interested) to read the two articles below the MMF article, on the Ski Patrol Convention that I put together at Aspen Highlands. Todays Denver Post had both the MMF and Ski Patrol articles side by side, it was sweet.

Awesome organization of the event again by the Thompsons!


lily moab muni fest 05' slickrock 1.jpg

I have a great little video of krazy karls belly flop/drop on fridays moab rim trail,but i cant figure out how to upload it.Do i have to put it through the gallery?I tried again to make my own gallery,but it still doesnt work.Didnt gilby make a public gallery for everyone to use?

Come on,anyone?I still cant do it.Its a cool drop/crash video.

Send it to me at



so I can see if I can host it for you.

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Uhhhhh… 'K.

Its not working.Is it dataccount[@] or without the [] brackets?

without brackets

Oh hey it worked.

I have finished uploading the best of my shots with captions and rider credits (where possible) to my main gallery linked below. See the Moab MuniFest 2005 album.

I’m still stunned by how good this festival was. Re-entry into worklife today was H-A-R-S-H. I wanted to run away screaming, but found the best I could manage was a limp and a grunt. Time for more Advil.

Rolf said the majority of this year’s attendees were there for the first time. I’ll remember this fest best for the fun I had with riders I’d never met before. Doin’ the very leisurely slog around the Slickrock loop on Saturday with Danny from Hawaii and Jorge from Argentina, then catching up with some of Team Denmark just in time for all of us to be rescued by the Bike Patrol guy with jugs of precious water to refill our empty bottles. Then the Amasa Back up 'n down on Sunday, again with Jorge, some of Team Denmark, and Roger from TCUC. And finally Monday, Irene and I running into ALL the Team Denmark riders in Arches for a whirlwind of laughter, stinging sandstorms, and outrageous unicycle photo ops. Check out the ones of Thomas on top of Sand Dune Arch on page 3 of my album for a taste of that experience.

Thanks to my new riding buddies and fellow S.A.R.s for the fun. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone’s name in the photos…nothing personal. Just add a comment and I’ll fix it. Thanks to G3orge for donating his favorite seat so I could ride Amasa Back on Sunday. Thanks to Nathan for donating the cool pedals I won. And biggest thanks to Rolf and Janeen for continuing to organize the best weekend on one wheel. Can’t wait for next year…

Want a stitched together version of those panorama shots? It’s 750kb, let me know.


Sure…my stitching stinks :). If you can post it someplace, I’ll download then PM you so you can delete. Or whatever else works best.


Tom B

It’s not great, I guess I should have reduced the brightness of the second of the two photos.


I tried to re-do it and adjust the brightness but didn’t really succeed so that’s the best I can do.


Wow! That is nice. Whatever you did on the brightness adjustment worked…I had to look very close to figure out where the two were joined.

Thanks so much for doing that Andrew!

Tom B

Thanks for all the pictures, everybody. Its great to compile these all together.

I totally agree with Tom, I didn’t know how much happier I was in Moab until I got back and had to go to work. I feel so revitalized. I’ll be living off of Moab jazz for a while.

Everybody who was in my carpool, it was awesome hanging out with you guys. Nathan, there are no words to describe how much I appreciate the use of the shower on sunday. Camping was awesome, though. That was an incredible location and it was great hanging out with everybody there.

I look forward to many more events like this, as long as people like Rolf are still enjoying putting them together.

Those were awesome photos. I’m going to get mine up as soon as I can. In case you didn’t know, all unicycling in Arches National Park, unless on a road open to motorized vehicle traffic, is illegal. I’m sure you guys just hopped on for the pictures… right? :slight_smile:

Here’s my pics