Moab Munifest Photos posted

I really enjoyed Jess’ pictures. That was a great sequence of Joey doing the big drops. Kudos to your little Canon for being able to capture like that! But then again, I guess that camera’s not so good for the night/low light shots. Or maybe you just have to notice the shutter speed and hold 'er steady? Las Vegas is a great place to practice night shots.

I think your “?” guy, taking the ticket from the bag, is Ed Hansen.

In '04 and '05, we were on the verge of outgrowing the Bar M Chuckwagon. The best thing about that place was the fact that we could all fit in there and use their sound and projection systems. I don’t think anyone was crazy about the actual dinner. Apparently nothing bigger is available without paying lots of money, and we unicyclists tend to be a low-budget crowd. We have to enjoy what we can afford! I will enjoy whatever gets planned for next year…

Thanks Paco for sharing yours as well.

P3240059.JPG, the middle shot of guy hopping with reflection in the puddle, is definitely my favorite.

That is Jon Davis (JonnyD), an occasional poster on here. We missed you in Moab, John Foss. How is your father doing, by the way?

Jorge, nice to see you made it back for your second year of Moab, and that you and Hawaii Dan were able to connect for some riding. Hopefully everyone stayed well-hydrated. I just wish I could have made it to do some riding with you both. I hated missing this year…