Moab Munifest Photos posted

It was another fantastic, brilliant munifest in Moab, UT this weekend.

If posting photos of MMF2006 was I race I declare myself a winner! Unfortunately for me, my riding was not quite as fast. But I had a great time nonetheless.

I’d like to extend a special THANKS! to John Childs who is prepared for everything; including me forgetting to bring a memory card for my camera. Thanks John.

Also, it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Thanks to Rolf and his entire family for organizing and hosting the MMF.

Anyway - straight from John’s 256MB flash memory card:

The above URL doens’t appear to work so try:


please elaborate on this one

It looks like they’ve taken down the website but an archive can be found at:

Thanks for posting the pix! I recognized almost all the people, as well as the Porcupine Rim Trail. Now I guess I’ll have to wait at least two years to ride the whole thing… But those trails aren’t going anywhere, so no worries!

JC on Sovereign Singletrack, great riding with ya JC!

J_C is breaking the rules of engagement with the shoelaces there…


hey i noticed Steve Howard in one of your pix, thats the first if seen or heard from him in over a year…based on the all the “red” uni’s and pedals, i’d say thats his truck in the back ground too.

I posted my pictures to:

They came out in the reverse order than they were taken, so start from the back, especially for the sequences at the begining.

Now I can post last year’s pictures.


Thanks everyone for posting pictures! It was great seeing and riding with everyone again. Jorge – great pictures, and it was good seeing you again!

Custum frame and cranks.
My brother and I (I could barely reach the pedals) tried it.
Its got a bike seaat on it.
And that hub is SUPER thick.


when i was there I meat this kid named cody and man he was frekin mental he was a relly skilled rider but man he was not case lol. And then I meat up with some guys from spokane, Phill and Noah these guys rock and we got some pictures so here are some of the hilight pictures as well as some that looked cool

Here’s “some” of my pictures, I’ll load the rest in a bit.

I don’t have a lot of greta pic’s, but I got sortof a lot of video

here is the picture I am going to put in the local bike shop along with other one sof me riding. If you ever get the chance to come to B.C stop by any of the Caps bicycle shops they are really nice and usually give you good deals!

No offense but I don’t think that’s the best picture cause you aren’t on the unicycle, you can’t tell it’s a unicycle and the backgrounds not very good! Just my opinion…not trying to knock you or anything but I think you have better ones than that one.

If only you could have captured the crunching sound his GPS made when he landed!

No way! I like the handicapped parking sign, and the fact he looks like he’s peeing.

But yes, if you actually want to make a poster or something, make sure people can see there’s a unicycle associated with you.

So what is that picture really about???

Here are my photos:

Definitely a fun-filled event! I was absolutely impressed with the trails this year. Porcupine Rim and Sovereign trail rocked!

However, I was kind of dissappointed with the Saturday night festivities. I liked the idea to have it outside, but I felt like it was harder to socialize with all the different groups of people since it got dark so fast (there was only one light), and people seemed to keep leaving. I guess it was just a lot easier last year with everyone inside that big, brightly-lit cavern. I can’t really complain though since I didn’t put a ton of effort in seeking out new unicyclists to meet and old unicyclists to rekindle a once-or-twice-a-year-friendship with. But I was of course happy with the idea alone that there were heeps of people with the same passion I have all over the place. Okay, I take back my dissappointed feeling… the Saturday night dinner was “pleasant, but a bit too calm.”

I also took a bunch of viddies of random stuff… hopefully I’ll get them in my gallery soon



Jess, nice to see ya again. Too bad we didn’t have more time to hang out and party and stuff. We’ll have to make up for it at Unicon!

I also agree about the dinner on Sat. I wasn’t at the past ones but it didn’t really seem like it was as good as other ones might have been. I understand that 200 people is alot to fit inside one place so they had to do what they had to do but I think it would’ve been better to have at least some more lights and/or have it before it gets dark…

BTW-Nice pictures!

sweetness…i’m loooking forward to riding w/everyone again!

As has been repeated multiple times already, Moab was great. Here’s Paco’s Pictures. I’ve got a couple group shots, but mostly these are pictures of me, Jon Davis, and a few of Tom Holub. I can’t wait to download the videos people made!

Here’s a little compilation of the videos I took with my digital camera…
If you look through all my pictures from the trip and read the captions, you’ll have somewhat of an idea of my trip. Each random section of the video will make more sense…

SIZE: 36 mb’s
TRT: 4:32
FILE: wmv

Windows Movie Maker worked great for quickly splicing together these pesky little clips. I’m definitely going to use it more often for this kind of thing… the little viddies usually never get to see daylight…