Moab Muni Fest '08

There are rides on all three days.

We will arrive in Moab late afternoon on the 27th (thursday) and spend the night then. We usualy do that and just do a quick ride somewere on our own.

Then on the last day we do the sunday morning trail ride and start to head home about noon.

Could someone please help me find pictures of the skatepark?

Lots of us fly into Salt Lake City and then rent cars to get down. In 2004 I shared a big van with about nine people. Another year we did two minivans. If you can coordinate flight times with others, this brings the per-person cost way down. Make sure you don’t book your flights home too early on Monday though. It’s better to fly no earlier than 2:00; later is better or you have to get up way too early Monday morning to make the drive. It’s 4-5 hours depending on one’s “driving style.” I’ll be flying in on Friday morning and leaving Monday afternoon again this year, hoping to group in with some of the same people.

Yeah, the rain wasn’t very well organized. As for the rest, the competitions were a first-time experiment, so it was a learning experience for all. Otherwise, Rolf likes to keep it fairly open and puts his major efforts into getting the permits and otherwise permissions for our huge group to ride the trails. Even the California MUni Weekend wouldn’t know what to do with 160 riders!

For campers, Rolf will recommend the main group spot when he posts the 2008 info. There is plenty of camping in and around Moab but I’m not a camper myself so I’ll stop there. Generally you’ll have the most enjoyment if you stay with the main group. I usually rent condos with groups of other people. They’re cheap, they’re heated and so far we’ve always had a hot tub as well. Also there are a bunch of hotels/motels in town, though not generally a main one where bunches of unicyclists stay.

Best airport is Salt Lake. Though Grand Junction, CO is closer, it’s not a major airport so flights may not be cheap. Moab also has a tiny airport, but a flight there will be expensive and may involve changing planes at one of those airports (to a little tiny one) anyway. So my groups and I have always driven down from SLC.

You need to bring food on the rides, as the trails are in the middle of nowhere. Think serious nowhere, like desert. Make sure you are self contained with water, sufficient food for the ride length, tools and clothing for temperatures that may start out really cold and then get hot (or wet). And sunscreen! In town there are lots of food places.

For The UniSLAB, here’s some pictures of the skatepark (and everything else) from last year.

Got my tickets!!!
Only another month and a half!!


Hmm, looks like the registration still isn’t out yet:

If anyone from Texas is going or is even think about going let me know. I can’t drive there anymore but I checked pricing for flights/car ect. and it wouldn’t be that much if a few of us got together.

I hope somone is thinking about going from Texas

There usually is several people from Texas. Although I don’t know any of them that are on the forums…

MOAB 08 rocked. lots of fun, lots of people. mostly little kids with Dx’s