Moab Muni Fest '08

when is it? is there a web site for it?
its march 28-30 but the site isn’t really up to date on the events and other stuff

Are you going riley? I’m seriously thinking of going now:D .

aaahh I wanna go to this soo badly

same dude… i hope i can make it. if i can just convince my dad to come with me and 2 other friends.

Hmm, I wonder if anyone would be willing to split gas there and back?
If so I’ll pick you up if your on the way. Trust me it’ll be loads of fun, with wacky adventures sure to happen!

I’d really like to make it out there this year, though I’d need to find a way there from the airport.

im in arizona. it would be awsome if someone drove past me and could hook me and 1 other friend up. well pitch in on gas.

dang it. i just found out that the 2008 swallows day parade is the same weekend so i can’t make it. i really wanted to go but the swallows day parade is more important. and i just got my new municycle

I’ll probably end up going again.

Hopefully it will be better organised than last years :roll_eyes:

Is that skatepark part of moab? Because it looks really fun.

Yes, there’s a nice skatepark in Moab that’s bike/uni friendly.

id also really like to go…but i dont think its gonna happen…just the plane ticket round trip would be like way to much money…

Last year while we had 100 unicyclists in it, it certainly wasn’t bike/skateboard friendly. :roll_eyes:

I’ll be there this year. Can’t wait to go!!
Just a few questions…
Where is a good place to stay? I seem to remember hearing that everyone camps out somewhere, do you need reservations?
What is the best airport to fly into?
Are there places to eat, or do we need to bring food?
Whats the best way to get from the airport to Moab?

I’m superpumped to go finally!



I really wanted to go this year, but only 2 days before the start I get back from California after a week, and I’m not sure I can miss more school/ get my dad to fly out with me after missing a week of work.

Next year.

Most people seem to stay in one designated campground were they get a group rate specially for MMF. However in the past 3 years I’ve gone, my family and I have stayed in the Holiday Inn there in town.

Salt Lake City is the best airport to fly into, and Moab is probably a 5 hour drive from there.

the town of Moab is stuck right in the middle of all the trails, and it’s got plenty of places to buy food, from nice site-down restruants to fast food and a supermarket to get just about all you need.

I can’t wait either, although I’m not sure how well I’ll be riding by then, haven’t been riding at all lately because of my back…

If I get to go this year, I am not going to film much at all. Last year, I filmed a lot, then would hit all the spots on the ride back, so didnt get any clips of me, except one or two. lol

When does everyone usually get there? It says its from the 28-30, but I don’t know if thats when it starts or when people meet up or what. Whats the deal?