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My 24 inch Duro was getting some wear so I bought a couple of Intense 3.0. After riding the Intense for a while now I think I miss my soft and supple Duro. The Intense seems to be real nice for drops and stuff, but it is almost too stiff and it has no bounce. I’m not sure I like it on our trails either, lugs seem too stiff and plastic like,

A guy I know has a Arrow Racing tire, It had a nice roll to it and it seemed pretty supple.

Any more suggestions???

No bounce??? Are you kidding? I’ve used the intense for over a year and would NEVER go back to duro or anything else! Try adjusting the psi because it has more then enough compression and “bounce” and is hands down the best, longest wearing and best handling 24x3 muni tire there is! And I ride 6-7 days a week with it! Love it! Take the word of a real “MUni addict!”

gain, try lowering the psi since it’s such a high volume tire, plus it may just need some breaking it, as all new tires can seems a little stiff at first.:slight_smile:

I have tried both the Gazz and Duro on my 26er and the Intense on my 24. Personally I find that the Gazz has the best grip and the highest volume but flimsy sidewalls, the Duro is the easiest to handle on hard surfaces and and has great sidewalls but has less volume. The Intense seemed like the best of both worlds having the Gazzs square profile and the Duro’s stiff sidewalls. I got two but one was defective with a bad bead.

the tread compound is perhaps a bit to hard but with its shape and sidewalls I would rate this tire as one of the best.

If you want something softer and bouncier you could try a Gazz but they seem to fold easily on skinnier rims.

Man I couldn’t agree more about the gazz having weak-ass sidewalls! Everytime after a drop it would just get all distorted. Again, the intense will “soften” up after it breaks in, but I prefer the compound to be a little harder as it will outlast the duro at least 2-1, and has way more grip than I need. It is simply an awesome tire!

PS: I heard from Jamey ( that he will be bringing a bunch of these tires-whatever stock he may have remaining-with him to CMW, and may even be slashing the price a bit more, as a special deal for those attending cmw, which also means no shipping charge! Hold 2 for me!:smiley:

Hopefully he isn’t slashing the tyres…:o

24" Muni Tires

I have been riding Duro for the last two years. I have a brand new Arrow Wide Byte sitting in my shed but I keep putting off changing tires. My current Duro has been on my KH24 for about 15 months now of hard riding. Israel is very rocky. Probably pretty similiar to southern California. The middle is almost completely bald. I am probably experiencing some spinouts in the sand and gravel on steep climbs to to this but I am just keeping it on as long as it will last. As soon as I do change it and ride for a week I will write up a review.


Get one of THESE! Great price, best 24x3 there is!:smiley: