Wanted: 24X3 comparisons

I want to upgrade my DX to a 3" from the 2.6" Kenda. Plus I thought it’d be good to have one place that compared all the tires (which I could not find anything close in searches).

One thread that talked a bit about the Gaz and where you can get a variety of Muni tires.

From what I’ve read and observed. Feel free to add you opinions or corrections if I’ve stated anything incorrect.

Nokian Gazzolatti – The widest of the 3” tires. Flat profile. Absorbs drops the best. A tad heavy. Kind of hard to turn on especially at speed. Most riders who ride REALLY knarly terrain preffer this tire. It’s getting harder to find and is rather expensive (about $70). Will not fit on a Torker DX.

Duro Racing Wildlife Leopard – This and the Gaz are the next most popular tires, and next most popular tire among hard riders. Used to be really cheep, but UDC just doubled the price to $50. Has a much rounder profile, thinner sidewalls, lighter, and less aggressive tread than the Gaz. W/ both the Duro and Gaz, if you ride exclusively off road, the sidewalls will start showing the cords long before the tread is warn out. Disconcerting to see, but not really a problem, esp. w/ the Gaz.

Arrow Racing Widebite - Looks like it has a flatter profile and more agressive tred than the Duro. Available in 67d (hard) and 57d SRS (Soft)

2.7 & 2.75 Arrow Arrow Prime Bite

Halo Contra - I can’t find it on any sites in the US :frowning: UDC seems to have the best price in UK :slight_smile:

Intense DH - I had a had time finding it at a online store.

IRC KUJO - Also hard for me to find.

Camel Tire CB 960 – The first I’ve seen heard of this tire.

Almost 3”

2.6" Specialized – I very briefly rode mscalisi’s uni w/ this tire ( I think it was the Roller Pro, but the site says 2.7”). It was obviously wider w/ a flatter profile and more aggressive tread than my 2.6” Kenda Kinetics, both on Alex DX32 rims. While having a significantly higher air pressure (13 vs. about 20) it was significantly more springy (probably has thinner sidewalls) and rolled more smoothly on asphalt.

24x2.6 - Halo Ception

24X2.7 Maxxis High Roller DH - I’ve heard of some people who like this tire, I don’t remember anything about it though.

Edit: This was obviously about Muni tires, but given the title, I should include that there are several cruiser tires, all very similar to the Dyno Fireball

The Halo Contra and Duro Racing Wildlife Leopard are the same tire just with a different branding. I think one tire which should be included in the almost 3" section is the Maxxis 24" hookworm at 2.5. This tire is absolutely amazing for riding street on your 24". Its super light and has an amazingly round profile which just feels incredible. http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=655

More comments please

On Frday I got an Arrow Racing Widebite 24X3 and Saturday I went for a 9.5 mile Muni ride on it and this is what I’ve noticed in comparison to the 24X2.6 Kenda Kinetics on my DX in that one ride:

It’s a bit wider on my 32 mm rim (67 vs. 63 mm at the nobs) and is heavier, has a rounder profile (I think, my Kenda is slightly worn), and noticably taller. In that one ride I noticed it to effectively have taller gearing (making it roll more smoothly and climbing a tad harder), easier to roll over bumps, unsettles me less on drops, wants to stay streight at moderate speeds, and is very manuverable at very slow speeds (too much IMO).

Also clearance to the frame is MUCH closer, now 9-12 mm. On the hike up several small rocks got stuck in the tire, hit the crown of the frame and flew out. I never notice rocks getting stuck while riding.
So far I like the Kenda better, but I probably need to spend more time on the Arrow and get used to it, or my skill requires the use of a 3" tire

the hookworm is actually a hardpack downhill tire. it is a great tire i have it on my bmx bike. the holy roller is another great tire super grippy but still rolls on the street really nice.

Any word on the Intense DH? I am considering getting it as I found a cheep(ish) set of them. Looks like a really open tread, I like that.

I like them for pecking as they have very good side tread, are you getting the harder or softer compound?

I am guessing it is the harder compound as the durometer number is 60. I did not know they made it in different compounds.

They make a softer one, but the harder one is better (So I’ve heard). You’ve got the good one :slight_smile:

Cool, and thanks

You just talked me into buying them

So, what do you think, now you’ve tried them ?

I see the Holly Roller is appreciated amongst MTB fans : http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Reviews.aspx?ModelID=11545

I’m thinking about that one myself for street/cross trails on a KH 24" rim (and my KH29 frame).

I was thinking about the hookworm but am afraid of slick tires because I prefer the Kenda Nevegal over the BA 2.3 on the KH29 on the road and I also prefer the TryAll Sticky over the shaved CC on the Nimbus ISIS Trial 20". Mostly for the road crowns, in fact.

Arrow Wide Bite

I have an Arrow Wide Bite 24x3 on it’s way to me right now. Funny thing is I will not be able to try it out because of my broken leg. I originally rode with a Kenda Kinetics Sticky 2.6 and then switched to Duro 3.0. I found the Duro much better. It just absorbed shock and could grip so much better. I was very pleassed with the Duro but don’t like the price increase. So now that my Duro is balding I ordered and Arrow. The harder rubber material one. I will write a repirt on it as soon as my leg is healed and I am riding again.


I am on my second one and I am likeing it quite a bit. It is really close in width to a Gazz and really square but not nearly as tall. It holds its shape nicely and has a good stiff side-wall which helps prevent it from folding. The grip is good and the rubber seems to be long lasting. Seems to me like it has many of the good parts of both the Gazz and the Duro.

The first tire that i used was defective. It developed this awful squeaky noise which I later found out was the rubber in the side-walls rubbing against the plastic insert or whatever it is that makes the side-walls stiffer. basically the side-walls separated internally, then I got a flat because the bead on one side decided to work one of its wires out of the tire into my tube.

I am guessing that my first tire was an exception and not the rule, It also looked like it came from the bottom of a pile. Assuming the sidewalls and bead stay together I would suggest this tire to those who like the square profile of a Gazz, and are willing to sacrifice a bit of volume for stiffer sidewalls.

I tried the Hookworm off my bike on my 26 just for fun and found that it rolls really well, is really responsive has decent grip on most things when dry but will go right out from under you in some mud.

I just ordered the Holly Roller in 24x2.4", I’ll let you know too.

Here’s a quick review of the maxxis high rollers 2.7 60a downhill tyre :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only been on one ride and I have nothing to compare it to but this what I though:

It needs more air volume because I did a few drops and landing definitely didn’t feel as soft as on my trials uni.

It grips really well. It gripped pretty much everything, loose gravel, dirt etc. Only thing it didn’t grip too well was rock, I guess that’s because of the tread pattern.

So overall I’d say get it if you mainly do XC sort of stuff but if you’re doing drops or need high air volume for the most shock absorbtion get a 3" tyre. It’s the same width as a duro but not as tall.

When you rode it drop down to 10psi or so

Hey gang, this is a five year old thread.

There is a muni tire review thread that is much more current and comprehensive: The "official" Muni Tyre Review Page