Miyata Flamingo removing lollipop bearings

Hi there, I recently got my old Miyata flamingo out after a long time being unused and I need to change the tyre. The problem is I’m not sure how to remove the fork from the wheel set as there is a flanged piece of metal stopping the screws that release the bearings from the fork from turning (see picture).

I cant find any info on how to remove a wheel with this piece of metal holding the screws in place, has anybody else seen these?

I was just going to bend it to get the wheel off but I just wanted to check that there wasn’t a better way before I did.


Those tabs are Safety Tabs. They keep the bolts from working loose. Use a hammer and a flat punch/dull chisel/or flathead screwdriver to flatten them down. The bolts will come out after that. Re bend them after you put the bolts back in.

Wow, I didn’t know that unicycles had lawyer tabs, and they are way worse than bikes too.

thanks for the info, I thought that might be the case!

Nice Miyata! Looks like it’s in good shape. I love Miyata seats but they are a pain to pull into seat-in-front as the back of the seat is pretty wide. After many years I finally sent to a different seat but I miss the Miyata. :frowning: