metal pedals v plastic

Which is the best for street/trials?

Time for me to be the search nazi. :o

I searched for “metal versus plastic pedals”

In the first resulting thread titled “Metal pedals vs. Plastic pedals for street” the second poster said:

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I don’t care too much about multiple threads, but I don’t understand why you don’t search for answers in order to get immediate results.
Why post a new thread and wait for people to respond when the answers are a few clicks away?

I think people make new posts vs doing a search because they want to engage in a dialogue vs just read “static” threads from people they may not know.

But, posting a question AFTER doing a search, and making that post more pointed in the questioning, that might be a middle ground approach :roll_eyes:

I like plastic pedals better than metal pedals because they are “for the money”, lighter, less likely to rust or corrode, take about the same amount of abuse, have a little more forgiveness/flex, and they are easier on the shins. But, plastic pinned pedals have less grip than metal pinned pedals and the plastic pins tend to wear quicker than metal pins.

There are a few plastic pedals with metal pins:

Nuke Proof Electron, Fyxation Mesa II (same pedals)
Odyssey JC PC

I ride the Electrons, I posted a review, they work well for me.

why don’t you use the search button for that?

I did use the search and the first one that came up was from 2007, and this sport is progressing so fast these days so the opinion could have changed since then


By bumping an “old” thread (on a topic of interest) back to the front page, you will usually get new, updated opinions and information, based on what’s currently availbale. It can also be interesting to see the “progression” in technology and preferences as a “timeline” from then to now. :slight_smile:

If you wonna have one pair for both I’d recommend you to get Odyssey JCPC! I ride them and I love them! When riding street I take out the pins on one side, and for trials I ride with all pins… IMO they aren’t the best for trials, but they definitely aren’t bad!
For me they are the best pedals for all round riding! :smiley:

JC PC, pull the pics on one side as OUK suggested. It has also been suggested that you pull them apart, grease them well, then assemble the wth a gasket sealer along the edges to keep out the water.

If you don’t need the pins and just want a good flat for grinding, I guess it comes down to what slide the easiest.

Good point!

Resurrect this threath in 6 months, and I’ll promise there will be a 3th choise, designed for all unicycling. Untill then you’re stuck with the least bad bicycle pedal.

I LOVE my plastics over meatals due to price and they dont tare up walls

Nurse Ben, the electrons look from the pictures to have an almost convex platform on one side. If so, is it noticeable when riding?

for more color options, check out the Deity Decoys. nearly the same pedals. I love my metal Deity pedals, I’ve been considering some nylons.

Hey Jay, those Deity “are the same” pedal as the Electrons and the Mesa II, they’re just rebranded. There are only a few pedal mfgs in Taiwan.

Convex? I don’t think they are, but if they are it’s not noticeable in any way that affects riding.

I have four pairs, two with metal pins and two with plastic pins, no issues other than one of the original pair loosened up a bit and I had to tighten the spindle nut. The nylon pins wear quicker, so I have them on a bike and a lesser used muni.

They are light and strong, not that expensive, pins can be shortened easilly, you could even add a second lock nut to the pins and make them more like a “stud” so they have less shin bite.

Cool, good to know.
thanks Nurse Ben!

For me, metal for trials, plastic for street.

I ride Echo TR’s on my trials uni. Aggressive pins for gripping on pedal grabs, nice and thin and fairly lightweight. Decent level of grip but not so much you can’t move your feet around if you need to.
I have Odyssey JC PC on my street uni. Fairly grippy but decent for grinding on, and being plastic they don’t eat your shins (or pads) as much when you get a pedal bite.

Those Deity (nylon) look awesome. I checked a website which lists the weight at a mere 339g (11oz). If that’s per pair that is super light. $48 per pair here.

I like the Deity color choices, red and green look sweet!

Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this pedal design.

The pins are sharp and long lasting, the nylon is very durable, the spindle and bearings are well designed.

The only thing I have found that might be a problem is that the pins are a tad long and sharp, so they tear up shoes. This may be normal for metal pins, I had been using nylon pinned pedals before getting Electrons. I have shortened some pins with a dremel, which helps.

I am thinking about adding a second nut to some of the pins to make them more like a stud. I’ll post pics once I find a source for the nylock nuts.

They really are as light as they stated, can be tightened by allen head or open end wrench, pins are strong, and they don’t pull out or wiggle.

Although I’ve been riding the metal version, I completely agree. Deity Decoys, HT and Kona Wah Wahs on nearly every bike and uni I own. (they’re all the same)
exceptions: road bike with SPD’s and my trials uni with plastic odysseys.

There really is a big feel difference due to the thinness of the pedals. It feels like you’re actually standing ON an axis point rather than OVER an axis point as you do with thicker pedals. The thicker the pedal, the more your foot moves in an arc over the spindle.

…and grip for days.

And here it is.

I have some Deity Compounds on my trials i cant say anything but good things. lots of pedal grabs to concreat big drops and lots of drops barly any wear and not one lost pen! and they are super grippy!

I’m interested in those, can you give us more info, especially with regards to Muni?