May I have a question?

My name is Jason Ahn, Korean unicyclist.
I am glad to leave a message here.

May I leave a question here?

I have two questions.

  1. Does anybody know exact size of unicycle?

    • According to my measurement, the 24" unicycle rim size is not same as 24inch.
  2. Is it possible to handcarry 29" unicycle?

    • I would like to hand carry 24" Onja Muni and 29" unicycle from detroit to Korea.
    • I am not sure but, the size limitation is 158cm (length+length+height)
    • does anybody have experience like this handcarry?

Have a nice days.

the 24" measurement, for some reason, is made with the tire on the rim, and not the rim itself.

I don’t know about your other question

here is a thread that discussed airtravel with unicycles in fairly great detail

here are SEARCH results for ‘flying with unicycles’
read thru those posts and i suspect u’ll have your question answered in there somewhere

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It’s all about the airline. If you are flying Korean Air, for example, look at their web site or call to find out exactly what is allowed. Each airline is different.

The problem is the airline may say one thing, but you may get told something else when you actually get to the airport. There are many restrictions on what you can bring into the airplane with you, especially on flights starting in the USA.

My guess would be that if your flight starts in Detroit, they will not let you carry on a 29" unicycle. Anything that does not fit under the seat is likely to not be allowed. Better to find a large duffel bag for it, and check it as a piece of luggage. For best results, let the air out of the tire, and surround the wheel with clothing or other padding, so airline people cannot tell there is a wheel in there.

Good luck!

Thank you for your kind information.

Somrthing wrong in my writting above.
I mean of handcarry is not under the seat.
My question was “Possible to send luggage?”
Butl, I think it is possible to be with me.

I think that I will disassembly all of parts and repacking it for more compact size.

May I leave a news about Korean Unicycling club?


i know i’d love to hear about the Korean Unicycling Club

on this forum, u can post anything that has to do with unicycling