Hello Everyone,

Please forgive this post as it is a bit self-serving…but my 10-year-old son, Jeremy, just made it to the top ten of a map contest. He was notified last night and couldn’t believe it. The winner is decided by the greatest number of votes. The winner also receives $500 a portion of which he’d use to buy a new 24" Muni. He would so appreciate your help. Only one vote per email and they accept votes from around the world. Thank you, if your able…and if you can spread the word to make this exponential… that would be appreciated as well.

His map is “FLAGS and CONTINENTS OF THE WORLD” The one with the big Compass Rose in the middle.


Voted. I was surprised to see it was a Maine contest. If you are ever near Portland you should join us for a ride. We have a small group calling ourselves the Portland One Wheelers. Searchable on FB. On the FB page is a link to a FB group we use to communicate about rides.

Voted. I thought your son’s was the best and surely deserved the vote. Good luck

Voted. Agreed, it was the best. :sunglasses:

Thank you

Thanks for your votes…he’s excited… voting ends April 5 so we have a while to go. He wants that Muni bad :smiley:

Jigywigy…thanks for the invite… we were in Augusta the other day and rode everywhere (about 8 miles) while waiting for my car to be repaired. Instead of just sitting there in the waiting room we took off on our unis :slight_smile: They’d never seen anything like that… rode over the big green bridge, around the capital, even ran into a couple of state congressman. At one point, we needed water and had to walk through the lobby looking for the water fountain. Talk about being out-of-place. All these state lobbyists/congressmen and women…and then us… walking around in all our pads and gear. They didn’t know what to say and just stared at us with this quizzical look. Great memories with the kids.

+1 vote from me, and I agree, his map is very well done. Wish him the best of luck, and I can’t think of a much better investment than a 24" muni.

+1, hope you win :slight_smile:

Voted, Good luck!

Done! Good luck!


Best of luck to you.

Voted! Good luck and I hope he gets a shiny new muni!

I think I voted 10 times. Each with a different email address, of course. And most of them either are, or were, real email addresses at one time. My dad voted, my old self at America Online voted (, my wife voted, etc. :slight_smile:


You all are awesome…

…and John with the multiple votes… thanks so much. :slight_smile:

I’ve showed Jeremy all the posts on this thread and he feels so thankful other unicyclers are supporting him in this way. Although you are technically strangers to him there is this “one-wheel kinship” and he senses that… today is the deadline for voting and tomorrow we find out… will let you know.

Nice job Jeremy. I voted for your map.

I didn’t think of using my different emails! I went back and voted 3 more times from my other emails.

Does Jeremy’s map include Unicycistan? I think it’s somewhere in there with all those other members of the Stan family… :stuck_out_tongue:

Any good news? Did he win? :slight_smile:

Not this time…


Jeremy didn’t win this time… he was very disappointed. They’re sending him a consolation prize ----- a map… of something. The map of Costa Rica won.

Again, I appreciate all the help everyone gave him.