Making a B+ MUNI!

So I decided I had enough of my parts in to go ahead and start making this thing. I am planning to modify a drak frame to fit a 27.5x3.25" tire. Pictures to come!

Yay pictures.

So I am going to use a disc brake so the first step was to get those magura mounts off. I used a dremel cutoff wheel which worked pretty well. Then I had to dimple the frame (this was tricky). I took a scrap piece of wood, drilled a 1" hole in it, then cut it in half along the hole to make a channel so I would only smash one side when I clamped the frame against it in the vice. Some of you may remember my frame width thread where I had pictures of the tire I wanted to use.

I printed out this picture at scale so I would know when I had the right amount of clearance. The tire is unfortunately still not in stock. Anyway, I clamped the frame in a vice and used a large deep well socket to squish the frame where I wanted, which seemed to work ok. this weekend I’ll be welding on a disc brake tab and adding brake line mounts.

Please post pictures of the whole setup! I need to know what are the exact mesurements of the tire. Vee Rubber is very often off sized from their label. I want to know if it’ll fit my last frame. I dont want to make another on just for a tire haha.

I have the same plan for a 26x4" on a “normal” Qu-ax rim. I’ll fit in a 29" Qu-ax steel frame :wink:

EDIT: By the way, tires are still in stock at

EDIT2: Only the 120TPI version left

They also make this tire for 26", which helps keep the diameter down to a reasonable size.

I’m getting 650b+ for my fat bike. My fat uni is getting 24 x 4", maybe someday we’ll have 24"+ :slight_smile:

Last I saw these tires are nearly identical in diameter to a 26x4 setup, if that’s what you’re concerned with. Was thinking about building one actually.

So much cool innovation going on with Fat Bikes!

I’m actually surprised anything was in stock, I had a coupon form emailing them and couldn’t find anything in stock to get up to the free shipping threshold. Oh well. I ordered my tire so that’s on it’s way.

All the distributors from the shop where I work are out of stock. I accidentally landed on that page the other day. I was surprised. I’ll wait for a review, I have things I need to pay for before I get another tire… I have a new 650b rim coming to replace my Velocity Blunt35 :wink:

The brake mount is on! Now I have to strip the frame and hub, and powder coat. I had to mark my package from Chain reaction cycles as lost, I was on business day 26 and still no spokes or pedals… hopefully the second one they send will come quicker.

What rim are you going with? I was looking at the hugo 52, fatlab components 55, wtb scraper, and the velocity dually. I went with the dually, because the rest are still not released, and the hugo has had some strength issues that I dont think would make it the best uni rim. I didn’t really consider carbon rims though, there are a few of them out there too.

This is so awesome.

I’m getting a new rim for my “standard” 27,5. Hugo is too wide for me, as well as the Dually and WTB. I managed to get a Ibis 741 carbon rim at a really reaaaally sweet price… I will probably get it in spring though. I have no ideal when it’s going to be shipped. I still dont have my hub for it anyways, I’m gonig to recycle an old hub with bent flanges. I will post pictures when it’s all done (and in progress).

I saw the Vee rubber mounted on the 741 and it looked pretty good. I dont think I will end up with the Trax Fatty but I love your project because I have a very similar one going on with a 26er fatty.

The Velocity rims are very strong and light. I’ve had mine (Blunt 35) on my 650b since last year and it’s still going strong. There’s only one big dent because I tried to ride up a stairset too fast haha.

Can someone explain to me what a B+ muni is??

Is that a grade you give it, a rim size, or new type of unicycle? And why does it require you to remove part of your frame?

So confused… :thinking:

B+ is referring to 650B+ which is just like 29+ or 26+. It’s a 650b wheel (or 27.5) that has a 3" or bigger tire. WTB has a tire that’s 2.8 (close enough to 3") and Vee Rubber has a 3.25" Trax Fatty.

It’s a niche within a niche within a niche. A fat 650b (27.5").

I have a 650b, having convinced myself it was the perfect compromise between a 26"'s technical handling and the rollover and speed of a 29er… the size of a 26x3" Duro, but with better manners. My 650b Hans Dampf comes pretty close to delivering on that promise, I think. And yet… there’s this sexy 27.5" Trax Fatty… and sometimes i DO miss the built-in margin of error of a 3"+ tire…

It would fit nicely in your Conundrum… just sayin’.

Trax Fatty is going for $120!!

Not so long ago the Vee Rubber tires were a deal :frowning:

There are more 650b+ tires coming.

Thanks for the description. :slight_smile:

My tire came in! It is a little smaller than advertised, as expected. I measured 2.912" at the widest, and 2.884" around the casing. I don’t have anything to weigh it, but it feels light. It is right at 29" in diameter.

Sweet! That tire looks really nice! Thanks alot for the actual mesurements, I was looking for these. That’s a Velocity Blunt 35 rim?

That’s a velocity dually rim, so 39 mm internal width. The spec sheet measures them on a 60 mm internal width, which doesn’t even exist.

Any updates?