Major accomplishment (for me, anyhow...)

I’ve always been stymied by hill climbs when doing distance rides. I usually fall at some point and then have to hike the rest of the way to the top because I’ve never figured out how to do a freemount on an uphill stretch.

Last Saturday at our ski club’s annual camping weekend I took off to do a five mile ride to a marina. The descent to the seashore was uneventful although the legs got a workout (I’m too scared to install a brake). After riding around the marina and responding to the endless “Where’s the other wheel” queries I set out for the trip back to the campground. The ascent was a steady 3/4 mile hill climb with a fair amount of pitch. Fully expecting to have to hike most of it I was really surprised to successfully make it the top. The level trip back to the campsite was infinitely tougher because the road was more pothole than asphalt.

The ride took a toll on my elderly legs. I got a cramp in a hamstring about 3 am and two days later my quads still protest climbing and ascending the stairs at home. At least the lower back pain I’ve experienced on earlier distance rides was absent.

Anyhow, the act of climbing a long hill has been goal of mine for quite some time and I just wanted to share it with all you folks who have been so supportive of my riding and so helpful with suggestions.

Hey Pat, that’s great.

I find the more I ride, the stronger my legs become, and the more I can accomplish. I also do exercises for my legs, especially the knees, and it really helps with climbing.

Good luck, and keep riding!

Well done. It’s a good feeling to beat a previously unbeaten hill. Now find a bigger one… :wink:

Heh, those Cyberdyne legs of yours.
Take a lickin’ but keep on tickin’.

Good work fella.

Hey that’s fab.

I’ve recently found somewhere lovely to cycle. Unfortunately it’s very hilly. It’s wonderful to find that I can ride more and more of hills every time.

I share your joy. :smiley:

Thanks everyone!

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Every Monday our ski club has a bike ride and BBQ from a different location and I’ve done a few of the shorter (5-12 mile) rides on my 28". The hills have discouraged me on some of the rides but I’m giving thought to tackling some of the steeper ones.

On a few of the rides, we have to endure heavy traffic and I’m still not ready for that on one wheel. Plus, I’ve never learned to idle or hop and traffic lights make life miserable.

Ironically, a few of my fellow club members (equally long in the tooth) expressed interest in learning to ride. Rather than have them start out on the 28" because the seat is so high, I’m going to bring my 20" back from Vermont to introduce them to the sport.

We have a whole new geriatric crew “one-wheelin’” it!

Way to go Pat! :smiley:

Could you post a picture of a hill?

I have forgotten what they look like…sigh. Anyway, good going.:slight_smile:
Here’s a how to idle tip. What’s the most idle thing to do ? Watch videos! So for the last few weeks I have sat on my 20 rotting my brain and pretending to idle while holding onto a bookshelf. For the first week or so all I learned was that Ross is still secretly in love with Rachael, and that holding onto a bookshelf doesn’t seem to do much for learning to balance.
But then this week, just before France fell to the Nazi’s in " world at war", I started to idle for a few seconds. Yesterday I was up to about 10 seconds, and on my evening 24 muni ride I stopped and pedaled reverse and went forward for the first time.
So there you have it. To learn to idle and reverse, throw in some historical docudramas instead of just relying on situational comedy. Man vs. wild is also very good.:slight_smile:

Great!! Good news for you.

I, too, am finding that as I ride more and my technique improves, hills that used to be a problem are now rideable.

I have this odd image in my mind of a bunch of old farts riding around on unicycles. I hope I am part of that group. :slight_smile:

Way to go Pat.
You da man!
When I get to cycling again, I have a few hills that I am looking forward to climbing.

Congrats on the climb, keep on climbing:)

Yeah, what Mike said! You go, Pat.


Thanks Steve but what I did pales in the face of your impressive win at Whiteface. That was an awesome accomplishment.

You’re probably ready to tackle Mt. Washington next!

With some focused training you’d be giving me a run for my money.