Magura late model HS33 black hydraulic brakes, like new, $75 per wheel

Magura HS33 black hydraulic brakes, like new, $75 per wheel

Two late model post-2005 Magura HS33 brakes in black - in as mint condition as I’ve seen.

HS33’s are the gold-standard brake for Maggies on your unicycle. The short lever blade with red adjustment wheel lets you dial-in the distance between the brake pads and the rim – on the fly, as you ride. These are the same new style post-2005 brake lever that sells and they are KH Spooner compatible. (But the Spooner shown in the pictures isn’t for sale)

They come with whatever brake line length you want, brand new black brake pads and are bled and tested for function and leaks so you get a world class unicycle brake for less dough than you’d pay for new.

These brakes will fit on any Kris Holm unicycle: 20, 24, 29 and 36 or any brand of unicycle (Hunter, Nimbus, etc) or bike that comes with dedicated four-bolt Magura mounts that look like this: and a place to mount a lever under the saddle like this:

Comes with what you see in the pictures, so you will still need to get a set of Magura four bolt mounts like this : to mount the brake on your unicycle.

PAYPAL works best for me, but money orders are also ok.
$75 USD per wheel and add another $5 for USPS Priority Mail shipping in the US (2-3 days) and $10 for first class shipping to Canada (7-9 days). I ship the day after I receive funds.

I’ll set up your brake with whatever length of brake line you want from 18" on up to some freaky long distance handlebar at 30" or more. If you want, I can also help you determine the right length of brake line for your leg length and unicycle wheel size. Just ask. I also change the cross over tube to a longer 10" line that clears 3.0" tires better.

I flush and bleed all brakes with fresh Magura blue blood before I test, pack and ship your brake. Bleeding hydraulic brakes is messy and no fun - and so you won’t have to deal with fluid leaks, after I assemble and bleed them with fresh Magura blue blood, I test them all for leaks by putting the wheel cylinders into a custom test jig that I made. There, I’ll cycle the brake pistons under full power to check for proper function and leaks without having to bolt them up to a unicycle frame.

Want something else you don’t see here? I also have other Magura brake sets for sale (HS11, HS22 and some HS33’s too) and I repair Magura rim brakes if you have a set that leaks, needs repair or just bleeding.

PM me if you have questions. Also, a more direct way to communicate with me is e-mail at the address below.




Red Pre-2005 HS33’s

More brakes for sale in RED
Same condition and price as the newer black brakes, but these have the older pre-2005 style lever in Magura red. These will come with almost new black brake pads shown in the pics (that still show the injection mold dots on the wear faces)




Well worth the money!!!

I have a blue set on my 24" conundrum and another set for what was supposed to be a project… But the guy who I bought the parts from flaked on me even though the money was sent :frowning:
Anyway… Bryce’s workmanship is awesome and the brakes work like new all for a fraction the of cost. I would highly recommend these for anyone looking to take some stress of their knees on the downhill or the slow-down :slight_smile:


Thanks Tim.
Also, one black HS33 and both red HS33 brakes still available.
If you need it, I can help you calculate the brake line length you will need for your wheel size, crank length and seat height.
Let me know if you have any questions,

A bunch more pre-2005 HS33’s available

In blue, red, polished aluminum and day-glo yellow (sun faded).
A couple of notes:

  • The red and blue brakes show few signs of use, though one of the blue brakes has some color loss on the faces of the wheel cylinders from shoes and boots.
  • All but the yellow come with new NOS HS33 CNC'd alloy lever blades
  • The blue ones have matching blue Monty tubing for the crossover
  • One of the polished aluminum brakes has a full braided stainless brake line kit on it (34" brake line and 9" crossover)
I have a big roll of Magura tubing to install any length brake line you want.

Same offer and pricing as the other HS33s on this post: $75 per wheel, except the silver brake with braided line kit is another $15.


Still have several HS33 brakes for sale in various colors.
PM or e-mail me if you are interested.

Thanks, Brycer