Magura HS22 brakes in Kris Holm Blue!!! close to mint condition

2 ea. Magura HS22 brakes in Kris Holm Blue, close to mint condition

Sweet color matched hydraulic brakes for any blue KH frame. There aren’t many out there that are this color and in this great of shape. Uncanny coincidental color match between late 1990’s Magura blue and modern KH blue.

Close to new condition, with just a few scratches and signs of use that I tried to capture in the pictures. Both are set-up for unicycle use with 18” brake lines, fresh olives and both have new black NOS Magura brake pads and have been filled with fresh Magura blue blood and bled. Levers are right and left. (In the photo, you will see that I’m going to cut the exisiting 40” long rear brake line to 18” and re-bleed it once the rear brake sells here.)

I’d rather sell these here instead of on e-bay. From other similar Maggie brake sets I’ve sold recently on ebay, I kind of know where the price is likely to go on e-bay if I sell minty brakes like these with the bike mounts/hardware.

They are $80 each plus shipping and I take paypal . . . . or will trade a set for “like-new” KH Moment crank arms 150mm long (single hole or 125/150 dual hole).

Please PM me if you are interested or want more pics.

I also have another HS22 front brake, mostly from NOS (new old stock) parts, a set of nice lightly used HS33’s for sale and several sets of NOS black brake pads in the original packaging


will this fit a 29er??

Yes, this will totally fit a 29er.


I’ll buy a set off you. I also have a second set of KH Isis cranks 125/150, but they are installed and I like them. Let me know about payment options and I’m in, they look nice.

one set left

One sold, pending funds and the remaining set left for sale.


I would really prefer to trade the last brake set for some KH moment crank arms in 150mm, one hole or double 125/150’s with a little cash on my end even to make up the difference.
Anyone, anyone??

Still have one set left to sell

Funds cleared on first set.
Now one set left.

Awesomely new!

Bump! and new price: $65 plus shipping

Now $65 plus shipping for remaining brake.

Damn, I just bought a set of red maggies from you on ebay. I wish I waited to get these blue ones to match my KH36!


Thanks, both are sold. I may have some more brand new (NOS) HS33 brakes in KH blue coming soon. Send me a PM if you are interested


Please let me know when you have another set - I am interested, Thanks, Bo

I’ll have some more HS33’s (in KH Blue) made up from brand new/new old stock parts in a week or two. I should also have some more lightly used ones that are a mix of used and new parts.

I’ll PM you and post back here when I have them all put together.

Dibs on the hs33s if they aren’t too expensive.

I should have a couple of sets of them in a weeks or two. I’ll PM you then.

I’m also interested for my Nimbus 24 and KH29 Munis. Wouldn’t need blue for the Nimbus.

Tons-o-Maggies for sale

I’m working on getting these brake sets put together to sell on here next week. KH Blue, red, black, day-glo, Raceline, HS22 and HS33 in conditions from new (new old stock) to lightly used. I’ve gone through the used ones replacing parts/fittings and fasteners that are worn. You can tell me what length brake line you need and I’ll cut, install, bleed and test it for you before I ship.

This is about half of the wheel cylinders and most of the levers aren’t pictured here.

Those of you that PM’d me about wanting brakes, I’ll PM you just before I post these on the Uni community trading post so you can get what you want.

. . . . . . more info coming soon

I’ll probably want some equipped for a KH or Nimbus 26" unicycle. What price are you going to sell the new and refurbished ones for?

The range will likely be from approximately $50-$90 per set depending on condition and color, but I’ll have more time in the next couple of days to get the rest of these ready to sell and then I’ll have prices posted.

I’ll put you on the list of folks that are interested.


what are the differences between the hs22 and hs33?