Magnum 20X3.0 tyre ( a fat one for the standard size)

i got my tyre today, its available through any dealer selling Giant Bycycles for a little over $25 bucks. mine was $25.95

its a fatty alright and its for the standard 20" rim size NOT the Trialz 19" inch size.

the sidewalls are thinner than a trialz tire but i think it would be realy good for a street uni and since its bigger there wont be those pedal strikes all the time. it would also get going faster for longer stair sets i would guess.

right now im using it on my BC (yes my camera is still a POS)


Dang, sweet ride. When you gonna sell it?:slight_smile:

yeah right, you’ve had a shot at that wheel twice now.

this tyre will not fit in most regular 20" frames without some sort of modification, it will not fit in my Torker DX…

you could use a 24" frame or do some darn good research for a 20 inch that has a high crown.


the roll out on this tyre is a little over 66 inches. how much more is that from a 19x3 trails tyre?


A Monty 19x2.5" is 1620mm or about 63 1/3" without the compression from a rider.


just for giggles i put it inside an IRC 24" kujo…not very ridable.


What is the width of these Tire? Is it a real 3 inch Tire or is this tire equal to a 2.5 ? You know, for example there are many 24 x 3 inch tires, but the gazz is the fattest…


well lets see…

it looks like its over 2.5 but not quite 3.0…just about 70cm


You mean 7cm. 70cm is about 27 1/2 inches.

lol. Yep.

jag I still like your camera… it makes stuff all artsy that’s not supposed to be. it’s cool.

oh, so is the tire, by the way.

Will you sell just the rim? I want the valve cap.:slight_smile: