magnesium pedals

Does anyone have these? They really look cool and seem like high quality. They’re called [B]PRIMO BALANCE PEDALS (sealed)

[/B]What I find interesting is that there are only 4 pins, and little raised bars in between them. I’m assuming that is sufficient for good grip.

primo mag.jpg

ooh la la, those look very nice. I’m just imagining having them instead of the ones I have - they look very comfortable and, I’d imagine, light.

The mags sealed are 425 g vs 535 g for the alloy sealed, which are about $20 less. here’s the web page:



I’m wondering if a few ounces in weight savings will make any noticeable difference…what do ya think?:smiley: :thinking:

These Azonic Mag pedals are good, cheap (25 bucks) and light.

These really look alien!

As do these!


pedals are all personal preference but i didn’t really like the feel of the balance pedals, they aren’t very grippy.

i imagine those primo mag pedals you have the pic of actaully in the thread work well. they go with the few pins but well places strategy that snafu uses and those rock. as far as a few ounces weight differnce, unless you’re crank flipping like mad, i don’t think you’ll notce much.

I love my GT pedals on my BMX, too bad they’re 1/2" threaded. I’m sure there is adapters, but I would rather have proper threading. Plus the pedals that come with the Torker DX are probably better than my GT pedals.

My GT pedals are exactly like this, except they have different grip on them.

i like the look of the iron cross pedals, i think DK makes them

I’ve been really happy with the Snafu (sealed bearing) pedals. I won a set at Moab a couple years ago, donated by Nathan. Not sure why he was parting with them. I put them on my muni to replace the original Primo Tenderizers. The Snafus were much grippier, with really zero slipping. I like them enough that I bought another pair to replace the original Wellgo pedals on my GB4 36. This has given me very consistent feel between my muni and Coker, which are the two unis I ride the most. That said, the Snafus are almost too grippy on the Coker, where I have a bit more trouble getting perfect foot placement during the mounting process. Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge getting things adjusted while pedaling, but once I have the feet in the correct position, they don’t budge until the next time I dismount. I like them a lot.

OK these pedals weigh like 650g:@ but there the best pedals ever!!! Super grippy, just generally amazing and strong:P

I have those expensive Tiogas. Came on my coker.

Very nice platform for your feet, feel solid, and super grippy.

I didnt realize they were that expensive though. Good thing I got them for cheap. =p

lol the Azonic Accelerator are from wellgo… probably cheaper from them too… but they have sealed bearings :frowning:

i have them in green and they are amazeing. The have no movement in them after almost a year of rideing. Everyone seas that the magneaseum will crack on pedal grabs but thats not true at all. buy them there amazeing

As General Dibbles said, pedals are pretty much a personal preference kind of thing, but for Muni I’ve found the following to be important for riding in So Cal:

Wide Platform. The super light ones (mostly cut out) don’t give enough support for big drops and hurt my feet (you’re basically absorbing impact on a couple thin bars–not good at 210 lbs.). And they gotta be grippy or my feet slip off during hard rolling. If the pins are too high it makes it hard to shift feet (on the pedals) on the move, and this is a necessary skill, where you gotta shift foot position from balls of your feet to over your instep during drops. I also like the pedals too look cool. So all in, these are my favorites:

However, the Speedplay’s are stupid expensive and at less than a quarter of the price (25 bucks) the Azonic Mag pedals are still tops in my book. Jess Riegel of the SB Muni club was the first one to find these gems, and he told the rest of us. I believe Jess likes them for street riding as well.


I’ve got a set of DK Iron Cross pedals on my 29er, and I love them. Not only do they look fantastic, but they’re really comfortable and grippy.

They do weigh just about as much as all the rest of the uni though, although to be honest, for road use I really don’t find that a problem.


These look really solid! (from vivalargo’s link above). Not cheap at $109. :astonished:


Ok one more but this one looks as solid as they get! :sunglasses:

I’ve used Shimano DX pedals for the past 10 years or so (whenever they began re-issuing them) on both b*ke and muni. Rock solid, light-ish (480g), and durable.

I’ve been using DK distortion mag sealed pedals on my uni for a while now.

There awesome…

light, strong, and smooth. They also look awesome(I have the white ones)

They have perfect grip.