Made the newspaper!

So I had forgotten about the guy taking photos and jotting some info yesterday, untill I heard some NY local yelling, “Hey arnt you that kid in the paper… I knew it!”.
Any who here is the pic from the “Metro” they put it next to some article about slimming down NY’s youth… I’m sure you can see why. Haha.

awesome dude! Congrats!

Nice job! Sweet picture. You got lot’s of air and tweakage.

Great on making the newspaper!

And you’re DARN thin too!

that’s an awesome picture, congrats.

Wow that is sweet! Good for you. Nice tire grab by the way :wink:

nice pic. good luck “tring” to break into film work :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that has to be the best unicycling action shot I’ve seen in a newspaper… Great job. How long did the photographer take to get a good picture?

STRONG! should the headline have read. Good job on the paper! taste the fame.


Wow, thanks for the posts guys…

he only took like 5 or 8 or so pics I think, some stand on wheel shots, and a couple unispins. As soon as I did the tire grab once, he was all about that, think the third one came out good. Had to make a pretty big recover hop to land it, but all the NYC citizens dont have to know that :wink:

Yea I for sure didnt say anything about music videos… tho I would take the job. Less off the ball than most newspaper qoutes I suppose, haha.

sweet pic. I got put in my highschool newspaper but i was just a article on weird hobbies

awesome, man!! that’s a great pic! good job. congrats!!

u make funny faces

I was waiting for someone to say something about my expression. Isn’t the funny face what the no footer tire grab is all about?

Your head looks unnaturally large. Is that always the case or was that just a really wide angle lens? :slight_smile:

Awesome shot and coverage. Good luck in getting jobs your mom won’t be proud of! (show biz, that is)

I know it’s been said before, but that really is a great photo.

congrats bro, killer job

That pic was taken about one and a half feet away from me. My head feels about the right size, haha.
I’m not sure why my mother wouldnt be proud of me. She is very supportive of whatever I do. “show biz” is not my goal. Uni vids, Snowboard vids, that is where I am aiming…(strange comment, nontheless)

I like the babe in the background? Oh, the tire grab was pretty nice too. :slight_smile:

Made it into another major city’s news paper. Boston this time. Again not a huge deal news paper, but non-the-less still pretty neat.
Not nearly as awesome of a picture this time… Although it did make the Front page.:smiley:

Congrats. The first pic was really good. YOu should contact the paper. they will either make oyu a copy or sell you a pic. shots like that are not an everyday thing.