Mad4one muni frames

Where do these fall in the hierarchy compared to Nimbus and KH?

above both :slight_smile:

Interesting. I was going to say they have more colors, which definitely matters to some, but I’m curious as to what are the plusses and minuses you see between these three frames?

I have become very partial to my Nimbus hatchet with the 29er

I fail to see the point of a hatchet with a 29+ wheel VS a kh 29 with a 29+ wheel, except if you also use a fat 26 wheel and swap the wheel.

For me, at least as I understand it, the real interest of the hatchet frame is to accept 26x4 and 26x5 tires without having the legs rubbed by the frame.
But for a 29x3 the KH frame is perfect.

They’re very stiff, they are rounded (no hitting with the knee) and they’re lighter.

24: 705g
26: 675g
27.5: 700g
29: 680g
(why are the bigger ones the lighter ones?)

S (24" x 3.00, 26" x 2.70): 580g
M (26x3.00, 27.5 x 3.00, 29 x 2.50) 630g
L (26x4.00, 27.5 x 3.50, 29 x 3.25) 650g

Its a 29er till winter, then I go for the 26 x 5

I have a M4O 29"/3" frame, with both left and right disc tab
Blue anodized, so exactly what I suggested Kris 10 years ago
I love it, light, stiff, beautiful, nice shape

I have also 2 Nimbus Oracle (24 and 32) and of course some KH (26, 36)

All 3 frame brands are from good quality

Bouin what’s your favourite as a general cruiser 29 32 36 . Thanks David

According to UK (which I trust the most with specs)

20" Weight: 572g
24" Weight: 676g (646 on KH Website)
26" Weight: 709g
27" Weight: 737g
29" Weight: 766g
36" Weight: 828g

20" Weight: 620g
24" Weight: 665g
26" x 2.70 Weight: 665g
26" x 3.0 Weight: 715g
27" x 3.0 Weight: 715g
29" x 2.50 Weight: 715g
29" x 3.25 Weight: 735g

So yes Mad4One’s are lighter and rounded. No idea about stiffness. The only downside fo Mad4Ones is that the frames are not made to a specific size so if you were after a very tight clearance for a clean look you wont get it. The 24" frame fits 26 inch x 2.7 wheels so you have a fair bit of space, this is the same for a number of the frames.

I’d probably prefer Marco’s beautiful coloured frames even with the space though.

That weight does not include the bearing holders and screws. You have to add 85g to each frame, while KH and Nimbus show the total weight of their frames.

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Its very weird that they state weights without them. Like unless you can ride without bearing holders and screws why would you ever list them without.

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Marketing? :smiley: To be fair, they mention the additional weight if you go to the detailed description of the frames. Anyhow, fully agree to your point. Same for some hub descriptions: What is the point to mention weight without bolts and spacers?

my 29 is for cross country
my 36 is for long distance on road
my 32 is rather new, no long rides (>20km) with him yet but I like it very much, very easy to ride and to control, not as fast as the 36, but fast enought

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The hatchet frame really isn’t even necessary for 4" wide tires. I have a conundrum and only had a few issues with my legs brushing the frame during the first few days/weeks of riding it. Your body adapts. If I had a hatchet I’d be running a 5", but that’s just me. I agree… 29+ looks a little silly in it. It’s a nice versatile frame though.

I’d be interested in trying the mad4one frame, but really none of them are all that different from each other. You won’t notice 200g much (if at all) if it isn’t rolling resistance. The basic nimbus frames are so cheap, and steel that I prefer those, but to each their own… the colors are nice. You can goof off the most with a KH frame though, because of the more flat top : ) One foot can take a break out on the trails while the other foot keeps going… if you’re into that sort of non-sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never ridden a KH, and have only spent minutes on Nimbus Oracles so I am not in a position to compare / contrast from experience, but I purchased a MAD4ONE 27.5" Muni earlier this year and have been very happy with it.

The quality of the frame is great - aluminium, rounded crown (even the bearing holders are rounded too), disk brake mount on the frame itself (little holders for the brake line along the frame too), and the welds are really beautiful. I really like the design of the frame and it’s aesthetic quality. During riding the frame feels really solid and stiff. It is nice and light too.

The standard saddle is comfortable.
The tyre I have fitted is the Duro Miner 27.5 x 3 inch.
I have 3 hole cranks on - 110/129/148.

I have had no issues at all these months of riding.

Between my sons and I, we have now purchased 4 MAD4ONE Munis (One 24" and the rest 27.5") and I have found Marco to be a great help.

Mad is proposing 3 muni frames, made of 7005 aluminum :
small for 24x3 - 26x2.7
medium for 26x3 - 27,5x3 - 29x 2.5
large for 26x4 - 27.5x3.5 - 29x3.25

I like the idea of proposing frame size related to the tyre and not to the rim
So only 3 frames are able to cover all the muni range as basic concept includes left and right disc tabs + left and right brake line holders

I bought a medium size M4O to replace my 26" Oracle, because I wanted something with a little more clearance and a real disk brake mount. I’m very happy with it, but it’s not magically super-light and super-stiff.

I don’t have the numbers handy, but it actually weighed a few grams more than the Oracle.

It also seemed a little more flexible when I tried manually pulling the legs apart, and squeezing them together. Not surprising since the M4O legs have an oval cross-section over their full length, which makes them thinner side-to-side compared to the Oracle legs, which are round at the top and more ovalized near the bearing holders. The Oracle design is a little better for stiffness, a little worse for clearance.

What I don’t understand is the two sided disc tabs.

Is there any reason why you would want two disc brakes, or is there any obvious reason I am missing?

It allows you to choose whether you want the brake mounted to the crank (ala KH) or hub (ala Nimbus).