Macinaw bridge

Who crossed Macinaw bridge last Friday 8/19/16?
I was crossing the bridge, when I spotted a yellow unicycle strapped to the roof of a car trtaveling north!

I have never seen a unicycle in person outside of mine or my buddy from 30yrs ago! So this quarter of a second drive by really took me by suprise!

Not I. I don’t know who rides a yellow uni. Was it a 36er? lol, Nathan’s not in town I don’t think. : P

I’ll let you know if I hop over to that side of the state :wink: or if you want to get in a ride around the island sometime let me know.

No, it wasn’t a 36. It happened so fast, but I would have to say it was a 29 or 26. I think only the seat grabs and the rim were yellow.

I’ll be on your side of the state for Labor day weekend. Camping just outside of Ludington State Park. Labor Day is usually crazy busy, but it would be cool to have a riding partner!

I live in Plymouth and it wasn’t me. I have never seen another unicyclist around here on the mountain bike trails. Do you guys know of any good trails up in the Traverse City area? My wife is dragging me up up there for a weekend in September and I predict that I will sneak away with my muni for an afternoon.


I’ve only ridden road up there. I’m sure there’s some good riding though. There’s a few races that take place near the area every year.

Thanks for the tip. I might just take the 36 and do some road riding and try to stay away from the wine tasting! If you guys ever want to have a mini Michigan muni-fest sometime, just let me know. I ride the Potawanomi Trail quite a bit but would like to try some new trails.


Was it this guy?

That guy is actually the OP!

Oops. (I’m an idiot. :o)

We had a yellow unicycle on the roof on Friday, but we were a few thousand miles from Macinaw Bridge. So even if you also saw red, purple and green yikes (all of which were also on the roof), it almost certainly wasn’t us, even as a mirage :smiley:

Mackinac Bridge
Mackinaw City
Mackinac Island

Why? I don’t know. The bridge, which was the world’s longest suspension span when it was built, connects Mackinaw City with Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Mackinac Island is off to the side. No bridge to the island, though in the winter a common way to get there is by snow machine. :slight_smile:

I rode my unicycle around Mackinac Island once, but that was back in 1984. It was blue (at the time), with a gray, 45" tire and a black seat with no bumpers.

I love the idea of a Mini Michigan Muni Weekend; wish I could attend. I rode dirt in Dunny’s area back in the 80s, but I think most of the dirt I used to ride on is no longer there. Now it’s houses, and a Kohl’s store. :astonished:

A Mini Michigan Muni Weekend would be pretty cool.

Dunny, The sleeping bear area is awesome. Don’t know about off road trails though. We were at Wilderness State park, which has a bit of sand dunes that has forest growing over them. I had a great time. With the soft terrain, no protection was needed.

Just to throw it out there:
I’m going back up to Mackinaw this Sat. to Pickup my oldest girl from Girl Scout Camp.
So if any one is close by…?

I think we should have a muni ride at Poto like Dunny mentioned. I really want to try and tackle that trail.

I have no idea what I’m in for, but I’ll give it a try😁

Just as a reminder to those in MI, We’re going to be riding at the Poto trail on Monday. Meeting around 11-11:30 AM. 3 confirmed unicycles, 1 maybe and a bicycle. Come join us if you’re in the area! :smiley:

Pickney?.. Coordinating driving might be a trick, but its doable… I’m less than Level 1… could I tag along.?.. I ride the ‘tame’ trails in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. I will mention this to a couple of friends who are better than me and maybe they can show up as well.

COOL! (If nothing else I could take photos.)

I wonder if I can convince ‘anyone’ to bring their 32?

Hi Ben,

The trail is fairly smooth and the main challenge are the hills. You can always walk the steep stuff and I take lots of rest breaks so come on out. I have never met or seen another mountain unicyclist so this will be really cool.

For everybody that is coming out, the trailhead is a quarter mile past the entrance on left by an outhouse and there is a large parking area to the right of it.



I’ll be about 60 miles away and 4 hours too late.
I would like to meet up again sometime.
Justin and his girl were very gracious on our ride yesterday waiting for my daughter and I to catch up. Next time I’ll ride stag.
Quite a ride that was!

I’m going to be bringing the following:
24 nimbus
26 conundrum
29 nimbus (with brake)
32 (no brake) oracle
… maybe the penguin if anybody would like to try it.

The car will be full…my poor mazda 2…

Can’t promise I’ll be there. Have to check in with an appointment first. I will try though to be free to make it. If I make it I’m not planning on doing the full trail. Just riding several miles of it will be a highpoint in my life… that and of course being in the presence of muni-folk. :wink: