Luna trials.

How is the grip on the luna trials tire?

I don’t like how much creepy crawlers wear on urban, and I plan on riding more urban trials when I heal.

Also, where can I get them.

(I’ve read sponges trials review, please don’t like me there)

The Creepy crawler does wear alot. Havent herd about the Luna tires so I can help you there. Heal quicker Kyle!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t find the Luna’s tread horrible at all.

The thick sidewalls are awesome, seeing you can ride low air pressure and not hit the rim.

And yeah an awesome street tire, such a smooth ride.

My biggest con is that it’s heavier than the CC, because I am pretty picky about weight. But I don’t care enough to not ride the Luna.

Bedford Unicycles sells them for $35, a LBS would sell them for probably around the same. Most bike shops have entry level trials unis, and ask you’d like to buy that same tire. They will order it in.


The Luna is definitely less grippy than any other trials tire out there. It is a much harder rubber compound that I’m pretty sure was based around Moto trials.

If you are looking for something thats really grippy, don’t get a Luna.

If you want super thick sidewalls that let you run the lowest pressure, get a Luna.

I rode a Luna for about 3 years and I really liked it at the time, but once I started to do more technical trials on anything that was slippery or sloped I hated it.

With any trials tire though you are going to have the issue of either it wears fast, or it grips well.

I am now riding an Eagle Claw which is about double the price of a Luna, it grips way better, it has slightly thinner sidewalls, much lighter, but wears quite fast as well.

These are the trade offs you will have to deal with, with any trials tire.

Also most local bike shops in Canada can get the Luna, it costs them ten bucks, so they will probably sell it to you for 20-30, depending on how much they deal with that particular supplier.

Less grippy but I like it fine. I rarely find myself in a situation where the tire would actually even slip.

Defenitly better for riding urban.


Are their any other tires that somone would recomend for the urban rider?

You could also get an Echo, which I’ve read is a rebranded Luna.

I have ridden a Luna ever since getting my uni… I like it but am changing to a CC within the next few weeks - i had a go of another persons uni the other week that had a CC and it seems to provide MUCH more bounce than the Luna which is what im after.
My Luna still has a fair amount of tread so i’ll keep it incase i ever feel i want to change back.

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WTF why is this Monty $98US. Thats rediculous :angry:

$45 eagle claw.

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We’d like to carry the Luna tire in our online store but I haven’t been able to locate a source.

We do have one tire but it’s on an entry level uni. I’m afraid I can’t sell just the tire.

Domestic shipping is free.

I stand corrected.

Sponge’s trials tire comparisons.