Lower geared schlumpfs

It is indeed. Always liked the idea. Like it more with an internally geared hub and bigger wheel.

on a 36" there should be enough room to mount short cranks and sprockets below the axle. The drive would have to be double sprocketed to keep the cranks in time. This would be much easier to ride.

Huni-rex style?

Yes something along those lines. With the 36 and short cranks, pedal strikes shouldn’t be a problem. Leg length would be a limiting factor for sure.

I’ve wanted a penguin since I started unicycling. I think cranks below the axle would make a freewheel inverted penguin easier to ride, too. If I had the technical knowhow I’d make a freewheel version of the Huni-Rex.

Go to the thread copied below and scroll down to the bottom of the page. The detail in the photo is not real clear, but the caption says a person in the background has a Huni-Rex with a 29" wheel. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Oh great, throw the freewheel in too. Now that opens the door to the multispeed hubs. :smiley:

I’ve never seen a penguin unicycle before. You’re idea is an exciting one. A penguin 36" with three gears! I want one.
Great thread Killian.

Get a huni rex, have a frame builder extend the legs, rebuild your wheel, go ride.

I’m holding out for a nu vinci uni hub :slight_smile:

A coasting 36er, yeah, do it, you go first :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of coasting, my trike hub is ordered, doubt it will be here in time for nationals, but if it is, I’ll bring it.

Once I’m proficient on the 24" I’d consider a 29". 36" isn’t out of the question but I wouldn’t jump straight to it.

Are you reusing your spokes from your 24" muni? I’m looking forward to your review of the hub! My latest freewheel video is:

This shows the brake oriented style of riding.

waalrus - I’m thoroughly impressed by your video…you’re kind of a trailblazer when you think about it.

It did make me chuckle, because to a non-unicyclist watching your video, I imagine their perception would be: pedal, pedal, pedal–coast–grab crotch–pedal, pedal, pedal–repeat.

[QUOTE=Nurse Ben;1592604]
Get a huni rex, have a frame builder extend the legs, rebuild your wheel, go ride

Thanks Ben, it’s doable, but the huni rex is such an ugly machine. I much prefer the open plan look of the Abram Clark geared penguin. It’s a beauty.

Droooool !! I want an Abram Clark geared penguin.

That is AMAZING. You’re showing incredible skills and making it look easy.

Hold on, wait a minute! I figgered you’d take the reigns on this one…:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I thought! I wonder if it feels like coasting?

My only issue with the huni rex style, is that I’m already running out of seat post on my normal 36er. If I drop the cranks another few inches, it’d be tough for anyone to ride…

FWIW, I’m not going to pursue this any time soon, just speculating.

I call dibs! Why not put the pedals above the wheel And solve more issue or even use a 32 and run them lower

Nope, your thread, your plan :slight_smile:

I got the freewheel muni in process…

Your experience with the freewheel muni will shape whether I decide to pursue anything like this. If all works out, I may at the very least end up with a freewheel 29er or 36er setup at some point. (Even though waalrus has warned against jumping in too big).

Hey real quick Ben (or anyone that knows), do you know how wide that Nimbus freewheel hub is? (Please be 125mm!) :stuck_out_tongue: