Lower geared schlumpfs

Your experience with the freewheel muni will shape whether I decide to pursue anything like this. If all works out, I may at the very least end up with a freewheel 29er or 36er setup at some point. (Even though waalrus has warned against jumping in too big).

Hey real quick Ben (or anyone that knows), do you know how wide that Nimbus freewheel hub is? (Please be 125mm!) :stuck_out_tongue:

95% sure it’s 100mm

Thanks! I’m just doing it because it’s fun. I also think the crotch grabbing is funny. Even though when I ride muni I have my hand there continuously it’s funnier to put it there once in a while.

Thanks! It’s just practice like anything else.

I’m a 40+ non-daredevil with bad knees so younger and more daring people may be able to start with a large wheel. I like getting my reflexes set so I’m less likely to fall to the ground. So far UPDs on the freewheel are less dangerous than a regular unicycle, maybe because the cranks aren’t fixed to the wheel. Most of the time it’s just going from pedal to ground suddenly. The more I practice the more seems possible. Lately I’ve been mixing in more coasting before braking and it gets me more speed but relatively controlled.

Star Candy and Bika Toys are two companies that make higher quality drift trike hubs. I never got answers about the Star Candy hubs but Bika has two models:

HardFWPH: 105mm between bearings, 48 holes, dual disc brake mounts
LiteFWPH: 120mm between bearings, 36 or 48 holes, single disc brake mounts

Before this Nimbus hub became available I was considering trying to see if one of the many guys that do custom drift trikes would make a unicycle for me.

120 would be fine. I’m just really seeing this as a possibility. Buy hub for 125$ at UDC, lace it into wheel, go try not to die. If you don’t like it, put the other hub back in, and sell the freewheel if you can. My 36er has the 40mm bearings as well.

Not that I’d be doing this any time soon. If I can get a job though, I’d be more inclined to attempt it (interview tomorrow, fingers crossed).

be friendly and confident :wink:

And don’t quote knoxuni’s signature.

That got me a date!

The Nimbus Trike hub has a 100mm bearing spacing and 40mm bearings per Roger at UDC UK. To run this hub in a new standard 100mm spaced uni frame (Nimbus II, Oracle 24/26/29), you need bearing shims to shim the 40mm bearings to the 42mm bearing caps.

I have no idea about those other hubs Waalrus mentioned.

I’m building my coasting wheel using the rim and spokes from my Nimbus 24 muni wheel.

I think you all are maybe getting just a little too excited about this freewheel thing, it is not as though this has not been tried more than a few times over the years :roll_eyes:

I plan to build this wheel and play with it, but I really doubt it is a viable replacement for a fixed muni wheel.

If I can get a least a little use outta this thing, then I’ll keep it and take it with me on my various travels. It may be ready in time for Nationals and it will surely make the trek to the Ashville MUnifest.

Me thinks Waalrus understates his skills, being oldish does not negate the fact that he has already mastered coasting on a fixed uni wheel :o

Yes, this has been tried a few times over the years. But I don’t think it’s been researched as extensively as Waalrus has been doing, and many haven’t stuck with it. Seems like a lot of the past freewheelers fell on their butt a few times and gave up (suprising due to the difficulty learning to uni in general).

Am I getting too excited over this? Maybe. Hell, probably. I put it in my sig line after all :roll_eyes: . After finding the Nimbus hub is 100mm spacing, it won’t fit my Titan’s frame anyway. The Bika hub with 120mm spacing should fit, but I haven’t been able to track them down other than some strange facebook page (I despise facebook).

Seriously though, how long did it take most of us to learn how to uni? We all stuck with it, and now it seems to be second nature (for me anyway). Riding a uni is easier than riding a bike for me anymore, and I prefer it to walking. If we can dedicate the time to learning how to ride the darn thing with a normal hub, why should a freewheel make it that different? At the very worst I think it’d be like starting over. When I started riding Muni, it seemed impossible with a fixed hub. All those rocks and stuff made me want to go hide in my closet and cry after I’d been beaten to a bloody pulp. Now I love it and I seek out rocks to ride off of because it’s fun. Look at what some trials and street riders can do. That seems impossible, but they make it look easy.

Waalrus has shown very steady progression. He just keeps getting better at it, and like he said, he’s just a 40+ something non-daredevil :p. I’m young and invincible :roll_eyes: .

Besides, I’m actually more interested in it for my 36er road riding than a Muni, though I still think it has potential for both.

BUT, I haven’t tried one (or even seen one) so I’m far from qualified to make any kind of judgement. From the outside looking in though, I personally see this going somewhere. A lot rides on how Waalrus keeps progressing and whether Ben likes it or not.

But that’s just me. :roll_eyes:

I’m not trying to disparage anyone’s opinions or advise, just sharing my view point.

Oh, and now I’m employed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the titan a super wide hub?

You can always build a 29"

It is. 125mm. I may end up trying on in my 29er if yours goes well and waalrus keeps up the good work.

The frame is also steel, so could prbably be bent to fit.

How adept are you at building wheels? If you’re dead set on a 36" freewheel you might be able to get the Hill Kicker Pro wheel and use the hub on your Titan. You’ve already got rim brakes, right? That’s the wheel I’m currently using (stock). It’s got 36 holes and the bearing to bearing width is something like 120mm. I can get the flange details to see if you can reuse your spokes. It’s not great quality, however, and learning to ride the larger freewheel may be more difficult. Another possibility is http://www.highrollerusa.com/. I’ve corresponded with the CEO, Matt Armbruster, and he said he has extra hubs in two varieties. One is 135mm wide and 48 holes.

My riding is improving but I still have trouble with off road downhill at a certain steepness. I did a 5+ mile ride today but a mile of that was mostly too steep to ride (even uphill).

Good point, I haven’t built a wheel yet. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I’ll wait and see how Ben likes his seeing as how it’s bigger than your 20.

On that 5 mile ride, would you have been able to do the uphill on a fixed uni, and the freewheel was hampering your climbing? Or was it just crazy steep.

I recorded the ride on the way back with Google My Tracks:

It’s that first 0.6 mile that I had trouble with. The section above is part of an 8.9 mile loop I do on my big wheel because it’s adjacent to where I work. I used to have trouble on two sections on the 36" (no brake) but now I can ride it all the way through. I can’t ride up it, however. I could ride up it on my 26", but only if I took a couple breathers. It has loose rock and dirt. It’s hard to say how much of the difficulty I had on my 20" freewheel was due to the freewheel and how much the size of the wheel. I can ride up pretty steep with it but it’s harder when it’s rough. I’ve been working on a stand-up riding style while braking slightly. I’ll have a better idea of things when I start riding a 24" freewheel.