lower abdominal muscle damage

I’d volunteered to ride in a small procession on the Muni on Saturday and, having had a few weeks lay off whilst focusing on bicycling, thought a ride the day before would be a good idea.

It ended up being a two hour ride through town with a stop to do some meteor practice (like poi except joined and heavier).

A few hours after getting home I could not only not walk, but was having difficulty sitting still!

I assumed it was an extreme case of muscle soreness having not used those muscles for a few weeks.

It’s made for an unpleasant weekend, the procession was a no no (I did some craft workshops for the festival instead) and today I’ve had to do a 6 hour poi workshop which I’d been booked for.

It’s been quite uncomfortable- I’m used to muscle soreness from when I used to do weights, but this was far worse being in the low abdominal/groin area and involving the muscles that operate whenever you walk or stand.

I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else after a lay off; I’m pretty sure it was the unicycle that didi it, but on the same day I took a heavy impact from the meteors in that region, so I guess that could have caused it?

Well, I don’t know much about Pois, but I do know that I have never ever had any sort of lower abdominal muscle pain as a result of unicycling - including fast level long distance Cokering, hard cross country, and long sessions practising idling and similar skills on smaller unis. I think unicycling generally exercises and tones the abdominal muscles, but I can’t see how it can hurt them.

Being hit by a meteor sounds like it could hurt, though.

Hope you recover soon.

I’ve never been sore in the lower abs from unicycling. Closest I ever came was mid- to upper abs from practicing a lot on a B.C. (Impossible) Wheel. Your soreness may be the result of too much riding after doing none, but is more likely either a combination of all activities from that day, or possibly you pulled something.

Hope it feels better by now!

Yes, I’m starting to recover now.

I too am having doubts as to whether unicycling was the cause as no one else seems to have experienced it.

Bit of a mystery!

I’m looking forward to getting back on the Muni in a few days when my recovery is complete.