Looking for scuttlebutt on new freestyle frame designs

I want to get a new freestyle frame within the next year or so. Does anyone know if there’s anything new on the horizon that will fit a Nimbus/KH wheel set? I love the KH longneck frame but already have one of those so was looking to try something different. I’m on the verge of ordering a Nimbus Equinox but thought it was worth posting to see if anyone knows if something new is going to drop over the next year. I can wait but don’t want to unnecessarily.

The market for Freestyle-specific unicycles is pretty tiny, so it’s hard to justify special designs just for that. To sell well, a Freestyle-specific unicycle should be directly available to the Japanese market, where there are huge numbers of Freestyle enthusiasts.

I’d like to design one someday, but don’t know exactly what it would be. The goal for me would be something that has good foot support all the way around the crown, but not to the point of blocking toe access to the tire. In other words, if you put too much support there, wheel walking tricks can get harder.

Then a titanium frame, with reinforced seat/post and a strong, 36-spoke wheel would finish it off nicely. :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of any new designs coming to market, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Have you tried Livechatting Roger at UDC UK?
Good choice with the Equinox, the new Nimbus frames are rock solid (maybe even stronger than KH).

Have you tryeda equinox frame?

Thanks for the feedback!

I have rarely looked at the UDC UK site since I’m in the US and shipping is prohibitive but I’ll check it out. Roger’s posts in the forum are always informative.

I haven’t tried one yet but have checked out the specs. For decent 20" frames I’ve tried KH longneck, Nimbus II, Nimbus X, and Koxx-One Alien Backflip. The KH is easily my favorite of the bunch. What I’m looking for is something good for coasting (lots of room for my feet), gliding, and wheel walking. I’m also hoping to practice stand up tricks next year.

The equinox should be good for that, I wear a 14E shoe size so every frame feels small to me

I know but I thought it might be a good idea anyway - Roger is one of Nimbus’s head honchos (I think).

Nimbus have 2 Freestyle specific unicycles. These are the Eclipse and Equinox.

The Japanese market is a very closed market, we would love to sell unicycles there.


Thanks for the response! I didn’t expect one during BJC. I’m going to try an Equinox because I like the extra foot room for coasting.