Looking for pre loved muni

i’m looking for a used mountain unicycle (preferably 24-26)for my friend so we can go riding together. she’s an excellent rider and we’d both really appreciate it.

If you get no bites, you may need to buy new. Good luck :slight_smile:

If you can get a hold of them…
24” Torker Dx - Leupp, Arizona - $50 About 50min East of Flagstaff. Had tried reaching out to them but they never responded. They are probably waiting for someone to call the phone number in the description the FB hid.

Thanks I’ll look into it :grinning:

I think you should ask to “borrow” for a few weeks or so.
If you were in my area(LA, CA), and if I had an extra unicycle that I wasn’t particularly using. I would let you use for a bit. No problem. I’m sure some of our unicycle riders in Houston would be obliging.
Good luck

I’ve got a custom 24" that’s older than dirt but will NEVER die. CrMo frame, Profile hub & cranks, Sun Doublewide rim, super rare Scott Walker CF seat base & custom CrMo handle. Has rim brake mounts brazed onto the frame and I’ve got a set of brakes just never mounted 'em.

Well over $1k invested in this thing. Have ridden it everywhere from Moab to Vancouver’s North Shore. DM me with an offer and I can ship it to ya.

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@Thewheeliekid here are some other uni’s in the size range for muni. I also added some other stuff to the Post Unicycles for sale on other sites here! thread.

26" Nimbus - Helotes, Texas - $200
24" Sun - Humble, Texas - $75
29" Nimbus Muni - Peoria, Arizona - $420
29" Sun - Graham, Texas - $80
29" Sun - Fort Worth, Texas - $100
24" Summit - Albuquerque, New Mexico - $50
24" Club - Cleveland, Texas - $120