looking for an all white saddle without handle

I need an all white saddle without a handle, dose anyone make one?

also am I imagining things or was there a seat with the Japanese flag on it I believe it was the rising sun a white seat with a red circle with red rays coming out of it

Looks like you’ve been looking for quite some time!

Maybe you can make your own white cover?

That seems like the best/only way to go to me.

Why not just buy a white Impact saddle from UDC?

Cuz it has bumpers and looks nothing like the saddle he wants?

Mine hasn’t.



They sell white bumpers too.

Yes, but I’m not sure if they do in that size.
If so, I’m curious to learn where!

Myself, I have 3 white non-handle bumpers bumbers here (KH, unused) that are too narrow for the Impact seat.


Is this anything like what you’re looking for? I saw the ad and remembered this thread :wink:

Wow! They don’t make saddles like that any more (thank God)! Obviously the one in that eBay ad has never been used on a unicycle, or lived on a unicycle that never got used. Those were the kind that “wrote” every drop in their shape. :slight_smile:

You also might be able to scrounge up an old Semcycle/Schwinn seat with a white cover from Semcycle. None of that stuff is still being made, to my knowledge, but somebody might be able to point you to where you could find one. I have one on my old Schwinn Giraffe. Not for sale.