Look at this weird Ultimate-type uni!

This is on ebay. Apparently it’s vintage 60’s, but I’ve never seen this before. It actually has TWO wheels, or it could also be looked at as just one super-wide wheel.


so are you going to bid on it?

I doubt it; I just thought that since it was a curious little bit of uni-related history, that I would post it. :slight_smile:

thats weird

I will have to try and make one of those now :roll_eyes:

what size should I make the wheels and how far should I space them?

20" wheels, spaced 5 inchs apart

okay I can just use some regualr bike pedal to right. other than the two circles, pedals, and bolts I don;t need anything else do I

when i was little i had a freind who had something similar to that. i didnt remember about it untill just now though, and his was yellow.

you’ve gotta coordinate how to get the pedals in the presumably wooden discs, without them bending when you put weight on them. if it were me i’d weld them, but then again thats just me.

on these they have a tube that runs in the middle, and then they have, well, its pretty much a straight crank, that runs though it, so its bolted on one wheel, and the pedal is on the other.

ill chech gogo-cycle on wikipedia

nap nothing


bad quality and everything but watch :stuck_out_tongue:

Zyllan has a homebrew job similar to that. I think he referred to it as an untimate dicycle.
They have been posted in here before but see:

(getting on )



it somehow reminds me of an pedalo http://www.pedalo.de

Many devices of that type have been made over the years. The most recent one I saw (late 80s) was called the Ski-Xer or something similar, intended as an exercise/balance training tool for skiers. It was more crappily made than the GoGo Cycle however, and I feel if you did any turns on it you’d have ripped the “tire” right off.

You could think of these as sort of a training device for ultimate wheeling, and they’re a great leg workout, but a regular ultimate wheel is “ultimately” more satisfying if you’re a unicyclist.

That looks kinda easy…I bet it’s not, though.