Longest total nonstop ride time?

I want to know what the longest total time from mount to dismount was but can’t seem to find it.
I have seen that on Guinness there is someone that rode ~105 miles in the span of 24 hours or less but I don’t actually know if that was the longest total time ever. I would assume that he rode about 6-10 hours but don’t know.

Sam Wakeling covered 282 miles (453.8km) in 24 hrs and when he was doing that he covered 169.90 km (105.57 miles) without his feet touching the ground on 29 September 2007 in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK.

From here and here.

He must have had a very good seat. After 15kms I’m already numb in my crotch. But that distance is really amazing. I couldn’t cover that on a normal bike in one day. I’d die for sure.

that didn’t realy answer my query

What was the longest time on the seat without a dismount thought?

The longest distance without a dismount was 105.57 miles and Sam said he averaged 14 to 15 mph. That would be about 7 to 7.5 hours without a dismount.

My longest ride was 35km with the 36". That was in Görlitz (Germany)

On the eve of my 50th birthday I exceeded a marathon distance on mixed roads and tracks on my 36, all without a dismount. That was approx 27 miles/43 km. I can’t remember the time but I do remember that it as slower than Paula Radcliffe’s marathon record without a unicycle! I’d guess I was in the saddle for nearly 2.5 hours. That was with no particular training or build up. Nowhere near the world record, but just to show that if I could do it, I’m damn’ sure many of you could.

Takayuki Koike, the former holder of the Guinness 100 Mile record (1987) told me he did the whole ride in one shot–no dismounts. His time was 6:44:??. He told this story in front of his dad, the leader of a major uni club in Japan, the founder of the IUF and several other unicycling leaders, so I give it a lot of credit.

He was 18 when he set the record; I might have been able to survive such a thing then, but if I tried it today, I think my crotch would spontaneously combust, and melt off.

My own personal record is the Unicon Marathon in 2008 in Denmark. I was on a borrowed 36" with the old Nimbus handle, and 102mm cranks (Denmark is pretty flat!). I finished the whole ride without a dismount, but it took a couple of weeks for my crotch to forgive me. It was an act of will to finish! Oh, and that was about 2 hours, 13 minutes or so.

At the last Unicon 100km race there would have been many riders doing 4hrs+ without dismount. I had one dismount (for a puncture), but it wouldn’t have been unreasonable to ride the distance without dismounting.

Sam’s 24hr record was incredible, but I’m sure that had his primary goal been to ride without dismount, he would have pushed it a lot further.

I beg to differ. Once you’ve been to the Netherlands you know what is really flat. Denmark is hilly by comparison. Always had to unicycle uphill. Happy to have moved back:)

He has been; when the highest point in the kingdom wasn’t a 887 m high vulcano yet, but the 322 m high “drielandenpunt” where oddly* the road is called “Viergrenzenweg”.
(*odd, unless you know history)

About the flatness between the two, have another comparison…

Was that a geared 36er?

An ungreared 36" unicycle with 90mm cranks.
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