Longest sidehop?

Are… You… sure?.. Get… it… on… tape… man… I… know… so many… people… that bullshit… about… their… gaps/… sidehops/… drops… I… only believe… in… camera amd me own eyes….

ok your guys are all way better than me:p i assume that to be able to sidehop 6 feet you have to be able to jump 6 feet sideways with feet together w/o a uni

same with jumping onto picnick benchees and stuff. i would assume you gotta be able to jump the 4 vertical feet with your feet together w/o a uni to be able to do it with the uni. I can jump 6 feet sideways with my feet together or 4 feet up or 6 feet forwards:p let alone with a unicycle… i feel so obsolete :angry:

is there any way to get a longer leap, jump or w/e to increase my distances?

tho i kinda have a valid excuse, i ripped my anterior crutiate ligament in my right knee so that kinda restricts my awesomeness:p but i should be able to get that over with so i can get back to being super athletic.

anyway tell me if i’m wrong about my assumptions:p

What I found immensly helpful was gapping between pallets. Just keep at it, until it becomes easy, then move it furter away (measure!).
I can running-hop 11ft.

how the heck can your runnin jump 11ft?ZOMG thats like soooo far :astonished:

Thats w/o a uni right

do you like workout alot or participate in alot of sports or something? or are you just an average 15 year old ?

I have to credit it two things: First, I was stoned, second, it had a little bit of a drop (it was across two buildings). I really like urban climbing, urban roof camping, and wedging. I think of myself as a typical pimpally youth.

i can comfortably do my armspan

im probably around 1m or so

i can do about 1.8m static on concrete. i think its easier doing it from a pallet to pallet or from a table to table so then you can get the compression of the tyre off the corner, which i find is easier.

i was just working on sidehops today and i got 5’ exactly. i did it on the patio, which has rows of paving stones, so i just tried to see how many rows i could cross. sorry if that sounded confusing.

lol, i did a side hop when i read this post, but i can only do a grass gap, not that big, how big is a grass gap?

measure it?

yay for the metric system:D !
down with you imperial |3 /-\ s 7 /-\ |’ |) s

65"(5 feet 5 inches)

ABout 4-4.5 feet on flat. That’s on my MUni by the way! Not bad of an ol’ geezer! :sunglasses:

(I’m assuming most of you who’ve chimed do it on trials unis)

i can do slightly over 7’ rolling, but static, its closer to 6’ (roughly 2m)

there are people who can do almost 8 feet static (maybe more)