Longest sidehop?

when you jump (with your unicycle) from left to right, or right to left…

so you jump sideways…

My best ever level static side hop long jump was 2 meters. I can hit 5 feet ever time and six after I am warmed up. I think two meters is about 6.5ft?

I think i’ve done around in the high 6ft, low 7ft range. hard to tell usually i just do armspan to mesure, but i’ve done armpsan (i’m just under 6ft tall) plus 1 trials wheel diameter.


i can side hop over my other uni

O.K. it’s closer to 4.9 ft and 8.2 ft., so shoot me. I was too lazy to break out the calculator. I used 1 meter is about 3 ft, but that’s much more accurate of an estimation.:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

i got 130cm, or 4ft and 1/3rd or 51"

i measured in cm, so if u want to argue my conversion skills please do so…

i got abit further once, i recon about 140cm, but i didnt really know where to measure from… so i gave up on that… the 130cm was from the edge of a chewing gum stuck on the pavement to the end of the pavement (and i actually ended off the pavement, but my measurement only took the edge of the pavement into account, so i guess you could add like 2.5" for the size of the tyre… but…)

all i can say is that i was really quite chuffed :smiley: cause i’ve only been doing trials for like 3months and i’ve only had a proper trials uni for a week so i think i’m doing well :smiley:

Here’s one that’s about 7 feet (about a foot longer than my body and I’m 6’ 1") but the trajectory is slightly forward and downhill.


Here’s a hop twist we measured at 8 foot plus, but also downhill.


The trick is to get a good lean, explode off the pedals and in the air, get the wheel out there in front of you for max distance. In muni, more important than distance is precision and the ability to stick the landing on jagged terrain. John Sprague (San Diego) is very good at this.

Hop twisting is a great muni skill because you can get out there farther than with a static forward hop, clear a big section and roll out. On pure side hops, a Large Marge rim also helps because the mambo hops produce big lateral impact and tire fold over is a problem.


Ya I think I’m going to start converting to metric now.

nah just use metrics all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL using feet and inches are such a pain… I still find it hilarious that everyone uses yards and miles but hardly anyone knows how many yards are in a mile

(theres no point in telling me if you know… thats great for you…)

well, if you count going down and to the side I have done 9 foot plus, off a 7’ high bank and onto a 4" wide concrete chunk(it was awesome). lets leave it as flat ground … which i have to go measure my uni… i did 2 unicycles :slight_smile:

thats 6’ 2-3"
yay, that is a big improvement for me
i didn’t even make the gap, my tire hit the edge of what i was hopping onto… so i measured from the mark it left in the mud to the edge of the concrete.

My record is about 1 meter, SIF. Not too bad.

I get 4 feet or so seat in. Not as much sif because I just started learning.

Wait, was that a sarcastic joke or are you serious?

im serious… it was pure luck… but i made it … its one of those things that you couldn’t do afain if your life depended on it…i figured i would miss it (as in short) and land in the mud and have a super soft landing.

i meant one of those really really small curbs, in fact not a curb, you know the places where they drop the curb so that wheelchairs and stuff can get on the pavement. So its a like a cm drop. And i only measured to that point, nothing afterwards.

i think the word is “super friggen massive omg huge gap.” :roll_eyes:

I love the days and times where I gap or try something I never have done before, and i just land it perfectly. Specially when I am just doing crazy stuff, way above my normal riding ability, but I nail all of the stuff, it feels good.

Ill have to measure my side hop. =p

yeha it feels so good when you do something crazy you dont think you’ll be able to do…

yeha today i got annoyed with not having a clue how big my hops were so i got a tapemeasure and used the chewing gum on the street LOL never thought that stuff could be usefull

I landed my first 6 footer between pallets today (182.88cm). Also did my first eight foot to flat.

I got all shaky and jittery after I did it, i couldn’t believe that i had actually even attempted it. it was awesome… hop off the actual cliff, hit the cement block hanging off the cliff, launch feel insane … have time to think in the air, nail it, jump onto other rock, jump intom mud and try to drift just for fun… eat it … realize what I just did… w/o my helmet on (stupid of me) … don’t even want to try it again…