Longest sidehop?

I dont wanna do a poll cos ill make harper angry :roll_eyes: , but what is your longest sidehop?
ive never really heard anyone say how long they can get.
mine is about 4 foot on flat ground. Is that good?

My longest side hop would be around 5’.

I went out just then and tried with the seat too low, no shoes on in the cold and only got 4.5’.

Lesson learnt: I can sidehop further in shoes.

Any distance is good if you think it is :slight_smile:

I think 4’ is a great effort ^.^


I dunno I side hopped from one stack of pallets to the other and it was just over six feet but there was a down slope. Last time I mesured I was at about 5.5’ on flat ground.

five and a half on flat, the most I have done with a one foot drop is my armspan.

How do you measure your sidehops? I take two pieces of plywood big enough to jump from and land on, then space them the distance apart I am trying to achieve with the tape measure underneith, so that it looks like this.


The distance is then really easy to measure correctly.

6ft from table top to table top.

:astonished: whoa thats massive, i only did my first sidehop a month or so ago.

i can get about 45-50cm… so thats like 3feet in imperial…

i dunno i thought that was quite bad… but obviously not LOL well apart from you evan byrne

on a unicycle about one and a half metres on foot abot two and a half


the best I bothered measuring was 5’8"
i may have done bigger

3 inch side hop on ground with my beginner’s unicycle.
Any tips?

get better??JK
naw, its all practice, you will get better, i suggest you get ahold of a better unicycle before you start doing anything much better, so that someone else will benefit from your unicycle :slight_smile:

thats actually about 1.5

or about 4.5 ft on unicycle, 7.5 ft on foot.

1 foot is 30 cm

yeah okay sorry got my conversion wrong lol, it is about 1.5foot your right… but what the hell cm is easier

im aussie so i use cm for everything, but for some reason everyone in australia measures there height in feet. i dont know why though.

i can sidehop around 1.2 metres comfortably

6ft static gap for me.

actually… a little bit less.

about 53 inches.(4 feet 5inches)

Can somebody explain what is the meaning of sidehop, because i don´t speak english well. Thanks