Long neck or short neck ?

Hello. My friend and I have discussed what is best long neck or short neck? I mean that a long neck is more stable. And it’s alot more comfortabele. That is my opinion.

What is your opinion :)?

What’s the context here? Animals, girlfriends, beers?

I’d go with short, long, and pour it into a glass first.

For unicycles, if you’re talking about the frame, it makes no difference in terms of riding. The long neck looks a little cleaner but is less adjustable.

That’s right, it’s a null question without more information about that you’re using the unicycle for. Years ago, the advantage to a longneck frame (which would have been handmade then) was to get the clamp out of the way, usually for Freestyle. Old Miyatas would need two clamps for taller riders; an extension post and then the seat post. Whacking your knees on those could be very unpleasant.

A long frame limits how low your seat can go, which is generally a disadvantage, unless you want to avoid letting shorter people ride your unicycle. Strength-wise, I don’t think it matters. It depends on materials and build rather than where the clamp is.

Again going back to the old days, sometimes we wanted the clamp down near the crown. Hooking your foot under the clamp gave a much better grip on the uni for coasting and gliding tricks. I don’t see so much need for that in Flat and Street though.

Flatland and freestyle riders seem to like the longnecks so they don’t scrape themselves on seatclamps.