Lonely Riders video

Since there´s alredy so much people showing their videos around here I thought that I´ll give it a shot too. So here´s the newest (pretty old actually but anyways) video of ours.
It´s kind of big (75Mb) and we don´t have a smaller one right now to give, sorru bout that.
And feel free to tell what you think about this.


dude, looks like you have some prety awsome places to ride. maby you should work on dropping down some of those steps. its was pretty good. i aggree with amanda, there was a few different styles and i liked that. keep up the good work.

I see… No one else seems to have any comments on it? How do you think we progress if we’re not receiving feedback? :smiley: But thanks to you two for the comments, Lonely Riders appreciate it very much! :slight_smile:

Yea, thanks for such good comments, really warms my heart :slight_smile:
And the dropping part is actually not that bad but we didn´t get any good material for this video. We´ll try put some more trials and drops in the next video.

Was that a circus school? That place looked pretty sweet for messing around in.

Yes, it was a circus school. It’s a very good place to practice in, though there is often little room for messing around. Bloody gym girls! But I have no reason to complain… :roll_eyes:

Really nice!

Not too lonley though! :slight_smile:

i was thinking the same thing. good riding. maybe next time do drops down some of the shorter stair sets. riding down them is good but you gotta mix it up.

Its a cool video and I like the different styles of riding. Maybe we could send it on the open channel on unicycle.tv if you like but the musik seems to be copyright protectet !?
How ever. I like it :slight_smile:

@ Amanda: aren’t you interested also in giving us some of your clips ?

It´s okay for us to send it to unicycle.tv but copyright of the music… I have to admit that we have thought none about that. :frowning:
So I guess it´s better not to put this one on unicycle.tv so that anyone won´t get in trouble or something.
Maybe the next one could be put there, as soon as we make a new one.

I edit that video and I have thought about those copyright issues with music but when it was just going on our homepage I thought it doesn’t really matter…

Olarf: What do you mean by saying “it seems to be copyright protected”? Could you tell me what should I do with music if video would go to unicycle.tv? I really don’t know much about these things and any help you(or someone else) could give would be grate.

@ aleksi : thanks for your contribution ! You are right , those music is alway dangerous and we would be happy if you could try to use royalty free music in one of your next Videos to make it totally safe to stream it.
So I’m looking forward to your next cuts :slight_smile:

@juusor: those things are always different for each country but most have a more or less similar system. I only know the details for Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and a little from the USA.
For short Videos there seems to be a chance if you use a lot of pieces of Songs which are not longer than 30 sec. each part. This could be nice for 2 or 3 minute clips but nor for 15 min. :frowning:
You will also find a lot of royalty free music in the Internet but it is a lot of work to find what you are looking for. You also had to ask the Artist for permission in anyway. If the music is royalty free and you got the permission from the Artist you got it :slight_smile:
Then you could stream and make a DVD and what ever you like to do.
If you use copyright protected music you had to pay per unit. For each DVD you sell or for each person that watch your clip on unicycle.tv you must pay a little bit ;(
Each country has something like a copyright organization (GEMA / BUMA in Germany / NL) there you could download their rules and the price for your project normally.
I hope this will help you a little bit and we would be very happy to got also some clips from you while the next time.

Thanks for advice! Next time we’ll be wiser than now. We’ll also be sending some new footage during the spring or perhaps earlier, that’s for sure. :smiley:

Maybe you could find some nice Finnish Newcomer Bands and you could promote than yourself together.
Very often the World seems to be much more complicated than it must be ;(

It also seems that we find now a solution to be more tolerant in that music things :slight_smile:
Other countrys other rules :slight_smile:

By the way, look what the french do last year. I upload it today to unicycle.tv .
They got an Award for it. I like it very much :slight_smile:

Yep, the french video is very good one. Saw it few days ago.

And about the Finnish band thing, I thought about it just few days ago too and guss that would be a good idea. Guess we should start searching for a good one :slight_smile: