Copyright protects

I started to think about these copyright things we discussed about here.
And I wonder that have you paid etc. for musics in your videos or haven´t you thought any of those copyright things?

I can say that I hadn´t given any thoughts for those and didn´t know actually anything about them either before few days ago when they came up here. And now I´m interested in knowing more about them.

If you make jsut a little internet video and make no money of of it it’s ok you dont gotta pay the artist… if u make a dvd like defect u need there permission…

Actually I read from one copyright site that even if it´s free and via internet you “must” pay for it.
And that reminded me that are these laws same globally or has every country it´s unique copyright laws?

Yeah, downloading a video with a copyright soundtrack is no different from just downloading that song for free, which as we all know is illegal. It’s just that genreally people believe that the artist will never find out, or won’t care even if they do, which is probably true in most cases.

You have to have permission from the copyright holder.

But how big is the chance that they get on that in a unicycle movie there is a C-right track…but yeah need permission to go safe

Well if it weren’t for piracy, a lot of work would not be as widely known. Music, movies, and games are reaaaally expensive… I support stuff I really like by buying a legit copy now and then, but I would be broke if I bought everything I wanted. Also you have no way of knowing if you’re going to like it, especially since a lot of albums have one or two good songs, and the rest is filler.

Except for those who know how to use the CreativeCommons Licening or podsave music network.

But for those who regret having downloading illegal MP3’s there was in the past, but it seems to be gone.

Unless s/he is dead for over 70 years. Or if the music is played for less than 30 sec.

But music of over 70 years old, that fits with modern unicycling…
…Google will be flabbercasted for over 30 sec.

oh, alright sorry for giving a false answer.

So just ask permission to use it and it´s there? The paying part isn´t required, if the holder gives permission?

Maybe Mozart or Beethoven would fit just fine with unicycling? :wink:

If the copyright holder gives you permission to use the track for nothing, then you won’t have to pay anything. Since the music is thier intellectual property, they could ask you to pay for the privelege of using it.

At the moment it seems that music companies who hold these copyrights don’t mind them being used in ‘amateur’ videos of this kind, in the same way they don’t mind a group of friends with a stereo system sitting in the park and listening to music. This is also illegal because it takes place in a public area, but again there’s been nothing said or done about it. It doesn’t mean they won’t crack down on it in future though, and when that happens there’s always garageband.


There are some popular samples where the musician gave permission for free and the people start streaming and than they and the Artist become a problem. If an Artist signs a copyright protection Contract he had no longer the right to do with his songs what he like :frowning:
Copyright company is now the Boss.
At least there a re no clear Worldwide Rules and it will be not easy for an Artist to fight against it over several Continents. Thats what actually protecting the most Video Clips like we do :slight_smile:

Each Country have different philosophies of payment and legalizing and this makes a lot of confusion cause the Internet is not local, it’s world wide.

How ever, it could be an advantage for new musicians to promote themselves in the Internet.

At least it is different in every Country of the world and so there will be never one solution for all of us.
Last but not least is one experiment to check out also this problems and whats happened if we do as we do :slight_smile:

After calling the finnish copyrigt company, teosto ry, I found out how expencive it is to use copyright protected music in videos. They said that if I use music that they own on my homepage I’d need to pay them 100€/month. And if I’d put it on video I’d need to pay 1,41€/sec more. :astonished: That’s insane!
I think that I just have to find a nice underground band if I don’t want to brake law…
But this is just in Finland. I dont know about another countries.

No, part that the atist will receive of this amount is.

Yeah, finding “own” bands sounds reasonable compared to payments.

…100€… come on. Have to say that amount sounds ridicolous to me

seems like to be as expensive as in Germany :frowning:
To pick up free sources is the best solution at all, even if you have to pay maybe 50 or 100 € once for your live.
I didn’t start talk about that stuff for boaring you, it is a bad SItuation in so many country’s and most people couldn’t imagin how insane thea are :slight_smile: