London Video inc Unicycling on Treadmill, Demos, Street and Trials

Hi all my names Lucas, Im new to this forum under this user name
and this is my first video under this user name
I have been riding for about 5 months and 11 years
I hope you like it some feedback would be great
Theres afew too many pre hops i was aiming for none but didnt have the time, and it doesn’t show off my best tricks because I was more going for videography.
anyways have a look for yourselves

nice video

i liked it


look i didnt insult you

bye bye

5 months of riding, and you’re already sponcored by quax and you’re the british freestyle champion! Not bad!

white font under gray background still shows up :slight_smile:

I caught that, at first I was like, wait a minute, he was in Ill.

wow that was intense ha ha great video:)

Lucas your such a crowd pleaser.

Lucas you please me too, try to get more footage and less bails though haha, jokes, awesome vid much better than your old ones!

Nice Lucas, I loved the riding but not so much the camera work in one place ( someone’s got a shaky hand - 1:42).

It would’ve been good if the music you used faded out, rather than it cutting out and a few transition effects between clips would of been good.

But hey we both know I certainly couldn’t do better riding (I’m a long way off) and editing (I am so crap at adobe premier I even amaze myself).

Anyway it’s about the riding and that Lucas was damn good, keep the videos coming!

Not bad for a few months of riding :wink:

Nice video

5 months my left foot. Nothing personal but why are people always exaggerating about how briefly they’ve been riding…?

That was released like 8 months ago by which time you obviously already had a few tricks up your sleeve. Very nice riding anyway.

Good to see the Ashburton Grove, GO THE ARSENAL

Heh, that’s almost as long as me

The van thing at 2:12 is so much like the one we used to roadtrip up to Auckland for NZUni Weekend last year… we dubbed ours “the fridge”

nice vid, its amazing how you’ve been ridding longer than me yet your so much better! I just suck I sopose haha :roll_eyes:

Lol what? Hes been riding longer then you and is better then you… and that surprises you some how?

cough taking p1ss out of joke cough cough :wink:

edit: I just suck anyway lol :smiley:

Not too bad for 5 months. Keep riding and improving we’ll be watching.:smiley:

Cool stuff. I liked the manuel pad stuff with the crank flip up and stand up ww across and what not. The 360º off the box in the trials demo was pretty nice too. Was that first try?

ho ho ho
your such a comidian lucas xD haha
Nar great video
is that the same trials guy that was at the haldon forest thing?

Meh, 5 months! I heard this person only just started riding THREE days ago, having never before even HEARD of a unicycle. This video was made only ONE day after she got her first unicycle. It’s a little rough because she only had about ONE one day to learn, but she’ll get better.:wink: