"Livin' the Dream"[Street/Flat]

Hey everyone,

New video time. I have been working on this one for 2 and a half months… I was expecting to finish this in April before I had surgery on my throat, but well time is a bitch. Anywho I worked real hard on this one. It may be kind of long for some of you, but I would appreciate if you give a a fair chance, so get yourself some popcorn or snack of your choice, and a beer, or NA drink for you minors and nondrinkers, and enjoy.

Vimeo HD note this may not be up yet. My compression was a bit over 500mb. I will get it up asap, it will be at the top of this page

-Sam Haber

Very Nice!

There were a couple really sick moves there. :astonished:

Great video! Worth watching. Some great stuff and some ouch stuff. Im still amazed at what ppl can do with a uni.

Well, the intro sure was a good idea, but 4 minutes? Come on, thats just to long.
But other then that, the movie was great.
Some great spots with great editing.
Good job Sam.

That was really cool…

My favourite part was the intro.

Cool riding, editing, filming.

awesome editing as usual.
i liked the creativity. you remind me of dan heaton

sam you bad ass mtha fcker.

how the hell did you get good so fast? you trick count has seemed to double recently, man.

Sick video!!! loved the whole lot man, you ever go back and conchor that ball busting rail?


p.s. dont you turn into a flat rider on me…i see some of those flat skills peeking through!

I watched half of it. So far so good, but to long. I need to leave for work lol. I wish I could finish. I’ll finish some other time. I like your style and this vid is very artistic.

Great video. Some of the best editing i’ve seen in a long time. Your flat is better than I would have expected. I’m looking forward to riding with you about 10 times more now. I’m speechless, really. Stoked for your next vid.

In your other vids, you didn’t quite showcase all your tricks, and kept basic tricks like wheel walks and stuff in them, with only a few nice tricks. It is quite apparant to me now, that you have saved those tricks for this vid, and put everything you had into making this.

I’m greatly impressed. Nice work.

Excellant. What can I say. Living the dream is great. At 46 years old, I know how important it is to live out the things you dream of.

I really like the intro, especially all the slow motion moves. It gives everyone a chance to take a good look at what it is going on, and to learn how to do some new moves.

Im currently downloading it, and I’m quite excited to watch it. It’s been a while since one of your vids. It was weird I was just thinking that you should be making a new one soon, then I see this!

yeah really nice vid!

the only thing i dint like is that the all your clips were too slow


Your tech street is growing so fast, that flat can only slow you down, although its nice to have a few tricks in your arsenal of flat.

You def. Have to teach me some of that this summer. I look up to your riding.

Awesome, by far your best video. Really great video quality and editting.

I liked how you did the intro, very origional. You have some really great video production skills.

and you also have the exact voice as Jon Lajoie IMO

He sounded like Nick Couts for a little while in the beginning (the guy that narrated for “another perspective”)

Once again, props.

Sick video, my only criticism was the length… but there was some sweet riding there;)

Awesome, I really liked it. It kept me interested for the whole time so I didn’t think it was too long. I liked the body varial to and from hopping on wheel.

Hey, thanks for all the comments everyone.

Wow, thanks. Thats prolly one of the best compliments you could give me, not quite there yet tho.

Thanks bro. I put alot of work into learning new tricks, I feel, at 23 I am behind in the game… its all about catch up.

I thought about trying to hit that rail again, but it is so flat and bendy, F that. I will stick to learning on real handrails.

As for flat vs. street, I dont see myself stopping street. I dont understand what people mean by when you do one you loose you skills with the other. I plan to combine the two as much as possible. However I think flat is so stylish its hard to not want to get good at. I mean its way easier to find flat than stairs and other creative stuff to ride. Its just a fun pure way to ride, very challenging and very rewarding.

Yes. I was hoping the video would apeal to all ages and rider and non riders alike, thanks. So you have learned 5 spins now,:wink: .

Thank you, also. slow down pfff, haha. Adding flat to street lines is about as techy as it gets in my opinion.

Looking forward to some NYC riding, as well. I am sure you will teach me more than you think.

Thanks to you too. I was hoping someone would mention that trick. I have not seen it doen before, but assume that is has been done. Its not too hard, however the line I did with that trick was by far the hottest hardest angriest combo in the video… It ended with a seat push like it started but hard to tell and not worth trying to show.

Everyone else Thanks again. If you did not get responded to just know I still read your comments and appreciate them.


What type of camera do you have?

Mine recently broke, and if it isn’t under warranty, then I need a new one.

Yours seems to be great.

Your varial roll was crazy cool. The body varial on tire was kinda hard to judge. That graf was an extremely cool backdrop. 360 to stand up ww… some oldschool flat moves that I might have to steal and variate :smiley: Also, cool colors looked real nice.

Edit: I was surprised to not see any trey’s or doubleflips though. Oh yeah, cheeky handrail grind too :stuck_out_tongue: