Lightest muni?

I’ve seen threads around before about ‘the ultimate muni’, though most of these unis are bomb proof they seem to weigh quite a bit.

So I am just wondering what the lightest muni around is? Something that is still quite strong though.

I find that a lighter muni helps rolling hoping distance and height, plus it also helps with the many many hills I have to ride up.

Here is mine, it weighs just a tad over 6kg with a brake:

Probably the Roger Davies carbons. I don’t know the weight of mine offhand, but because it has a Suzue hub, “normal” alloy cranks and other lightweight parts, it’s way lighter than a KH. Mine has a suspension seat post on it, which adds a little weight though it’s also aluminum.

Problem with the lightest MUni? At least in my case, it doesn’t fit wide tires. I think I have a 2.1" tire on there now. A 2.6" would never fit. In other words, light isn’t everything…

Yeah, I used to care about weight alot. Over the last year it seems Ive been making my uni heavier. I dont even think about weight anymore. I just put the strongest best parts on that I can find. I dont care if they weigh alot. Its a muni, so the more weight makes it feel like a tank! And it rides like one aswell. Go anywhere and do anything. Well…almost. I may look into a LM rim next. My uni weight 16.5 lbs as it is. Its a 26" though. So with a LM rim it’ll probably weight 17.5 lbs.

Yea, I think I will probably slowly make my uni heavier as I upgrade parts, though I really like the weight of it at the moment. I find it much better than the Qu-Ax muni. The extra few kilo’s really keep you stuck to the track making it harder to hop, but the bigger tire makes it easier to roll over logs.

I used to want to get a LM rim but not so much anymore, I like how it makes the tire really flat giving you more traction and bounce. I have never used or even seen one so I dont know what it would be like, but I can’t imagine it being much better than say a KH rim that is 47mm wide.

Yeah, I have a 26" Alex dx32 rim right now. That’s only 38mm wide. So if I upgrade rims I think ill go big and wide. Either a Sun Doublewide, or the Large Marge.

For those in doubt about buying a LargeMarge, try finding someone who has one, and ride it. Then decide. Or at least try to see one in person.

My MUni setup weighs about 17 lbs, so that may be why I’m not getting as much height on my rolling hops and especially the stair-jumps I’ve been doing.

Hmmm, I don’t know how it wieghs only a “tad” over 6k, as the standard wieght of a stock freeride KH,either '06 or '07 is 7.05 k, without the brake.

It does have a skinnier tire (2.6?) so that would lighten it a bit.

it’s also the cross country model, not the stronger freeride one.

Lightest would prolly be some custom made one out there that some hobbit mountain unicyclist will never part with…my precious…my precious…Yours is a pretty good weight. The stock KH mountain 24in is 7.05 kg, and the Koxx-one Track monster 24in is 6.89 kg So just over 6kg is not too bad at all.

That uni came stock as 6.5kg im pretty sure, its the cross country version. The pedals are a fair bit lighter than the snafus, the tire is 2.6" wide, the seat post has also being cut down about 8cm, and I don’t think it makes that much of a difference but the tube is also lighter than the one it came with.

Oh yea and I also have some azonic fusion pedals that I used to ride with, they are really light, they make the uni approximately 5.85kg give or take 50g.

13.99 Pounds with 3.0" Duro Tire and Brake

I have magnesium pedals, No Tube system, no rail adaptor, and lightened saddle (but no carbon base yet) and the weight is 6.35 kg or 13.99 pounds on a digital scale.

Xpedo 412 gram magnesium pedals.

Stan’s No Tube system

Saved the weight of the rail adaptor by cutting the foam to the shape and angle I wanted.

The tire is the biggest place to save weight. I am thinking about making a 2.35" x 26" wheel that would be a lot lighter and perhaps about 1/2 inch larger diameter.

Thats the lightest 27.5" MUni in my Shop, with 27.5x 3.0 Tire.

4.635 kg ! (without Disc Brake)

You sell a lot of interesting stuff! I must wait the first time I’m near

Surely a 12 inch uni is lighter.

Great one! Where are the areas of saving weight? The saddle is a good candidate for sure as they’re always close to the kilo mark…

I used to have mine at 4.5kg, back when I was a way too intense weight weenie!

That’s the setup. 27.5’’ Muni with disk brake.

-Scott Wallis carbon base with KH Street foam
-Thomson Elite seatpost
-Salsa LipLock clamp (with Ti bolt!)
-Flansberrium frame (hidden drillium! (and Ti bolts!))
-Custom 32h Cr-mo hub
-KH Spirit cranks (110-137)
-Sram Guide brake with 180mm rotor (Ti bolts!)
-Double butted Sapim spokes (silver, ‘cause lighter)
-Derby carbon rim (All Mountain version)
-Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2.35’’ tire
-DMR Vault pedals (non-ti version)

I’m less insane now, I can’t remember how much it weighs, but it is probably over 5kg now. It had alot of changes since then to make it my ultimate muni rather than just a speed machine.

Yes with Carbon Plate you can save a lot of weight.
My unicycle has a 3 "tire. You can save a lot of weight with:

  • [B]rim (I use WTB Scraper) [/B]
  • [B]inner tube (many unicycle manufacturers use horrible inner tubes), [/B]
  • [B]pedals, [/B]
  • [B]tires. [/B]
  • [B]carbon plate (not on my unicycle)[/B]
My unicycle is made from standard components, no special things. I therefore claim that it is the lightest (standard) 27.5+ MUni worldwide. (aviable in a shop)

Click on the picture of the unicycle. It is linked to my shop. There I have listed all components individually. Many small weight savings add up to one big saving

It could be made much lighter under 4.5kg. I do not understand why unicycle saddles (without carbon plate) have to weigh 800g. Half should be possible. Of course there would be the possibility to mount a 200g bike saddle with light seatpost- Then we would approach the 4.0 kg limit. With a carbon rim we would be near from 4.0kg. (sorry my google translate english).