Lightening up my KH26 Guni

As I am still waiting for my replacement hub (more than 2 months once again but I try to be patient) I am thinking about ways to lighten up the setup somewhat.

The current setup is:

-KH26 frame

-KH/Schlumpf geared hub

-KH fusion freeride 09

-KH T-Bar with other bar ends and BBB grips

-TryAll rim

-KH unadjustable seat post

-BBB carbon single bolt clamp

-Widek compas bell

-Magura HS33 with KH spooner

-Nokian Gazzaloddi 26x3

-KH moment 125/150 cranks

-Seventies plastic pedals

The things I plan to change are:

saddle: put a KH street 2010 on instead of the FFR

cranks: replace KH moments with Tensiles or Nimbus Ventures

tire: maybe try something lighter than the Gazzaloddi 26x3 like Rubber Queen or Muddy Mary?

pedals: I think I’ll get the new QX plastic pedals with metal pins

I’m not so sure about the seat because the street version might be less comfortable.

And then about the cranks I’m not sure if the Tensiles or Ventures are okay with the Schlumpf. Has anybody tried them?

I really love the big fat tire, so I’d rather not change that too much.

So let me know if you have any other suggestions for me to consider.

That Triton triple frame is also very tempting of course… But way too expensive at the moment.

-Check these sweet pedals out:

-I saw a rider with Ventures on a KH Schlumpf at Unicon XV. If Tensiles fit i’d go with those.

If you want a light weight high volume tire you could try the Vredestein bull lock. I have never heard of anyone using one for unicycles but it is quite likely my next 26" tire

Don’t go for the Triton triple, get a Triton made for a 26" wheel only. the extra width and height of Jogi’s design for the 4" tyre will mean more metal…

Saddle - Carbon Naomi may be lighter (not sure though)

What inner tube are you using? that’s a good way to lose weight. Consider tubeless or a smaller size.

Have you trimmed your seatpost?

And of course shorter cranks, smaller tyre, no brake are among the options that work but change the ride totally…

Don’t go for the Triton triple, get a Triton made for a 26" wheel only. the extra width and height of Jogi’s design for the 4" tyre and 29" will mean more metal…

Saddle - Carbon Naomi may be lighter (not sure though)

What inner tube are you using? that’s a good way to lose weight. Consider tubeless or a smaller size.
Replace the brass nipples wuth aluminium (get spares for when you strip them)
Have you trimmed your seatpost to the minimum possible length?

And of course shorter cranks, smaller tyre, no brake, Ti hub are among the options that work but change the ride totally…

Ditching the 3.0 tire would be a major bummer IMO… why not go tubeless? I’ve been running a tubeless Duro 3.0 on my 24" GUni since September, no problem and feels great.

Thanks for all the input, I appreciate it!

Wow, those pedals are impressive. I’m just not quite ready to pay that much for pedals. On the other hand, maybe I should just do it…
About cranks, the Ventures would probably be more appropriate because they’re 150mm. The Tensiles could be too short at 140mm for the 26er… So I think I’ll just go ahead and order Ventures. I guess they’re strong enough to handle a little hopping and dropping.
The High Roller tire looks pretty good too.
CF seat base would have to fit the new KH design in order to be compatible with the T-bar. So I think it isn’t available yet.

I checked it out and it looks good but 2.35 is definitely not the width I’m after.

Don’t worry, I won’t get a Triton anytime soon. It’s just too expensive for me.
The Naomi wouldn’t work with the T-bar, unfortunately. And I do want to keep that.
The inner tube is a Schwalbe 13D, certainly not light weight but it has served me well.
Seatpost is trimmed already.

@lunicycle: Yeah, maybe I’ll go tubeless too.

Have you considered going Titanium on your bell, too?


hahaha. Sounds like you could save weight with a different rim and tyre though.

interesting double post… I guess I was too quick on the edit button!

The Triton titanium frames wont be significant lighter than KH - but they are much stiffer and therefore you get more power on ground and less for flexing the frame each padel strike…
Mike is quite right, the triple frame needs a few Gramms more but it enables you to ride the Endomorph which is 400g lighter than the Gazza;)

The Venture cranks fit very well and pretty light, I enjoy to ride!
roland has also one pair of 165mm left…but I like 150mm more.

Spokes! for example with this:
I safe 96g - but had before the extra strong from Roland.

next time we meet you can test the Triton frame;)

Hi, I’ve recently swapped from a KH Freeride saddle to a KH Street as I was finding the Freeride to soft on rides over four hours. I’ve found the Street Saddle much better, being a lot firmer. I have however spent quite a lot of my life on top of hard bike saddles so I guess I’m conditioned. It’s a full 150 grams lighter too! I don’t use a T-Bar however so I don’t know what effect this would have.

Tubeless is great, well worth the effort but it may not save much weight, if any, depending upon the method you use for the conversion.

Personally I would go for the smaller, lighter Tyre. It’s the easiest, cheapest method to save most weight. Got to be worth a go.

You could save a huge amount of weight by just not putting the Schlumpf hub back in :wink:


Otherwise, the most noticeable places to save weight are tyre, cranks and pedals, like has already been mentioned.


I have heard that it measures out to be larger than many 2.5s on the market. I don’t think you want to go super wide on a lightweight tire without a real wide rim to support it anyway. I would eventually like to try this tire out with a 70mm rim and see if I like it.

Here’s a little update:

I have ordered the following items from the German UDC:

KH street saddle 2010 red
Nimbus Ventures 150mm
Onza Tensiles
Quax 170mm (they’re cheap there)
Quax QX series Lucide plastic pedals with steel pins
KH rim tape red and black

So now I’m thinking about different tires:

Nokian Gazza Junior 26x2.6
Schwalbe Muddy Mary DH 26x2.5
Onza Sticky Fingers 26x2.5
Continental Rubber Queen 26x2.4
Continental Rain King DH 26x2.5
TryAll Stiky 26x2.5
Maxxis High Roller 26x2.7
Holy Roller, Minion etc…

Any recommendations? Anything else worth checking out?
I don’t want to go super light on the tire but it should be heavy duty and versatile so I don’t have to change tires for changing conditions…

Im using the TryAll at the moment and i really like it. At least in snow it was pretty nice…
Another tire i used was the Maxxis Advantage (thats the lightweight one you dont wanna use…). I rode that in Molveno and in Steinach and it was still ok for downhill. I also used it at the 24hour race in Davos, thats what the tire was made for imo. Perfect for XC.

For the weight:

  • Drill out the rim
    If youre only riding XC and not really hard dh, it should work. Do what the biketrialsrider do :smiley:

  • If you find the tire that suits you, go tubeless.

Thanks Marco. The rim is holy already (TryAll 26"x47mm) so no need for drilling. But for tires there are a lot of options out there. Kind of hard to decide for one over another.
I’m also wondering if wire bead is always better and often there are different rubber compounds available too. Sometimes there are also performance versions that cost much less than the other ones. I wonder if they’re any good for my purposes. Now if there was a white TryAll Stiky available anywhere I think I’d give it a go.

Like this?

:wink: You can even safe a little more weight when making the square holes bigger.

Haha, that’s extreme. Na, I’ll just keep my rim the way it is. It’s light enough like that, I think.