Lightening up my KH26 Guni

square :thinking: Think of the stress factors when a rim is being used, That rim is going to loose all its lateral stability and crack at those corners. You could really swiss cheese it with holes in the corners and sidewalls but I would not recommend it.

Shiggy probably has some answers for you when it comes to tires. He ranks right up there with Sheldon Brown in my books. OK he might not be caption bike but he is definitely a tire guru.

Are you still using a downhill tube? I have been using a 26x1.95/2.125 since I got my 26 and it’s been at least 4 years since my first and only flat.

I’m also using a Maxxis High Roller 2.5 that I like. It’s not great in the snow, but it does well on rocks and through hard and soft singletrack.

It def weakens the rim a lot, but nearly every biketrialsrider is doing that… so it cant be that bad :wink: Saves around 50-80g on a normal 19" rim afaik.

@saskatchewanian: thanks for the link. There’s some good information on there. They say the rubber queen 2.4 is fatter than some 2.7 or 2.8ers out there. Interesting.

@max: yes, I’ve been running a heavy Schwalbe 13D downhill inner tube until now. I’ll try some lighter ones for sure.

Well, I’m looking forward to my new order which should be shipped within the next couple of days. So I’ll have a choice of light weight cranks, a KH street seat, steel pinned plastic pedals and some new rim tape. It’s always great to unbox new uni stuff!

Now I almost ordered a white TryAll too but then I changed my mind again. It might not have been worth the 45€ since I don’t know if I’d like it at all…
So now I found some local source offering 3 Gazzaloddi tires, one brand new 3" and 2 used 2.6" for a good price. So I’m getting these instead, I think. Screw the weight:D. I could also sell some of them if it turns out I like something else better.

So the most important thing is still missing: the new Schlumpf hub. It’s been a solid 3 months without it now but I guess that’s life… I live in a house with 14 other people so about every other day there’s a guy at the door delivering some sort of package. Needless to say there’s always a shimmer of hope that it’s for me this time and that it says “Schlumpf Innovations” on the package. Maybe today… I can dream, can’t I?

Has anybody been getting their packages from Schlumpf lately? Anybody else still waiting for a replacement like me?

The Rubber Queen is a great MUni tyre! :smiley:

Not true. Ti is more flexy than aluminum, nearly the same weight, but has more tensile strength (resilience). The gain from switching from KH to ti is not gonna net you much.

Try stripping the KH frame
Fixed seat post, aluminum
Carbon fiber seat
Lose the tire, that’s a huge weight penalty!
Nylon pedals
Tensile cranks
Dump the brake :wink:
Get a KH Ti hub :roll_eyes:

You don’t need a Gazz 26x3 if you can ride, it’s just a crutch :smiley:

I’ll stick to the KH for the time being.

Already stripped it, it looks great now!

That’s what I’m using.

Hmm, maybe sometime but it would have to fit the T-bar

I’ll experiment with some lighter tires. Gazzaloddi 26x2.6 will probably be the next one.

Got them already but I’ll get some with steel pins too.

They’re ordered as well as Nimbus Ventures 150mm and Qu-ax 170mm.

Not going to happen.

Not going to happen either. I have a Schlumpf (in theory but not now…)

It depends on the riding conditions. I’ve had a lot of fun with the 3" tires. But I’m looking for alternatives.

i don’t think so, real muni or better downhill and freeriding, and i’m not talking about XC (where you could ride a 29"er or even a 36") you’ll need at least a 2.6 or better the 3.0

If you’re looking to cut weight, you can’t put a Gazz on there. Even the 2.6 weighs in at 1350g; you can get 26x2.6" tires at half that weight.

Yeah I know it isn’t exactly a light tire but it’s a couple of 100 grams less than the 3". It wouldn’t be my first choice if I didn’t have such a good offer of some used ones. But I’m not sure. I do want to try it, though. So I think I will.
It’s never going to be a light muni anyways, I’m just trying to lose some of that weight.

And probably the best name too.:smiley: